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  1. I love the look of that big intake, it feels like you're planning to suck Kerbals right into it
  2. dryer_lint


    What have you done to your taskbar!?
  3. Wait, why? I just tried searching "Barack Obama" (their example in the article) and the Twitter integration isn't very intrusive at all. It's literally two short strips of text, a bit larger than the normal "blurb" underneath search results. I'm pleasantly surprised, I was expecting a big blue box with the Twitter icon.
  4. Yeah, it does affect us, it lets us get personalized search results
  5. I dunno... before the movie came out, I was really excited about it, as were a bunch of other people. Now, everyone throws around references and people say they like the music, but apart from this forum, I haven't seen too much praise for it. Usually, it's because​ of how unrealistic it is that people don't like it.
  6. Interstellar? Popular and cool to praise? Hahahahahahhaha I liked the movie, didn't love it, but it wasn't that popular at all.
  7. I guess Rotten Tomatoes would give it a high score
  8. Turning down max-physics per delta-time (whatever that means ) was the one setting that I think improved performance the best. I haven't noticed too much difference, but what he's talking about is that "one second" of in-game time can end up passing with 1.5 seconds of real time, and so on.
  9. Hey, sorry for the late reply... I managed to fix the problem earlier by rebooting my computer, and forgot to update this thread However, this time rebooting didn't fix it. I'm going to check the settings again and try Alt+Enter as Andrion s I boot KSP into Windowed mode, so I had to tweak the resolution in order to prevent the window getting covered up by the taskbar. That resolution has been working for months now, but KSP ignores it altogether and chooses this square-ish window instead.
  10. Condolences to Ted... I know it's hard when you lose a close family member, but things get better.
  11. July 4th is the only true holiday. Time to liberate some commies via our fireworks, which can deliver freedom at a rate of 400 miles per hour! I'm an American and I don't hate our country at all. It's just really fun to joke about
  12. ... dang, KSP. What's with all the Reddit hate on this forum? I get that we don't use it, but wanting the entire website to burn to the ground (including /r/kerbalspaceprogram)? People never seem to get that subreddits are a huge part of the website. Once you really look at it, there is no "Reddit Hivemind", because each community is different. KSP has a great and welcoming group over there as well, so why are we all attacking them like this? Personally, I don't know what to think about the whole "protest". Big subreddits shutting down makes sense, because that clears the front page and kind of sends a message to the admins. KSP shutting down will probably only affect 1% of users anyways... so let's not do that. I don't completely understand what the protests are about, but it's clear that it wasn't about the firing of one admin. That was the catalyst - people have been angry for a long time over growing corruption and lack of communication. Corruption and lack of communication? Sounds like Reddit is turning into ROBLOX. Oh god no
  13. There is only one proper image for that.
  14. Are you sure about that? http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/2qmsjl/driving_to_the_kerbin_north_pole_sounds_hard_so/
  15. dryer_lint


    Yeah, the unfortunate thing about ROBLOX's decline is that it does have a really good building system. I mean, I thought it was mediocre until I started looking into Blender and Unity. Real life game development is freaking hard, and I'm amazed that ROBLOX's engine manages to simplify it so well. (Note here: I'm not talking about building with the freemodels and Minecraft-like system. Everyone agrees that those suck. Once you really do get into advanced building and especially scripting, though, you'll be amazed at how complex these games can get.) But I just can't tell what the admins are trying to do. Half the time, they're publishing guides and blog posts and reaching out to indie development companies... the other half, they're getting deals with Disney and pretty much intensifying the five-year-old portion of the community.
  16. Oh, alright. I'm still using 7 as well, I just assumed you were on 8 for some reason
  17. I concur. Aliens. [/sarcasm] I'm not an expert by any means, but this does sound like a meteorite... how fast was it moving? Did it cross the sky or just fade out quickly?
  18. Can... can I be honest, guys? Because... this. I really can't get myself to care that much about "NSA spying" or "Microsoft data sales". Yeah, call me a sheeple or a lazy American or whatever, but chances are, there's no actual person going through your data. I just don't have that much to hide. Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ninja-edit: Unless we're actually talking about financial data being stolen and abused, etc. Yeah, that's not cool.
  19. The sad part is when the game only starts to lag at, say, 20k population. I'd rather just hear it straight to my face
  20. That is actually... pretty smart.
  21. ​Whoa...
  22. Where the... heck did this come from? I check the forum late at night to see if devnotes have been posted and I find that KSP is being ported to some random console. Umm. okay
  23. Welcome back, man! I know we can't do much to help you from here, but until you've recovered, at least you have an internet army
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