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  1. Awesome! Sounds like we're getting a nice optimization update, for those filthy casuals like me Yeah, I play KSP on an overheating laptop. And good luck on your new project, Roger!
  2. Just wanted to add: I also love how the camera shakes when parts explode nearby! It really adds to the feeling when your rocket crashes...
  3. It makes rockets look so much more powerful, instead of looking like an upside-down stove. I agree that it gets a bit nauseating when there's only a little bit of motion - they need to add some sort of cutoff system, so that the wobble only activates when you know it's going to really shake and not just tilt back and forth
  4. As far as I can tell, the usual advice is to just go into docking mode. I'm not sure if they've changed it in 1.0, however...
  5. ... and I can't even get within several kilometers
  6. Since I'm an uncivilized 'Murican, I'll just assume that means "fairings"
  7. What really bugs me is how they've extended the physics bubble, but landed debris is still removed. It's landed, for God's sake! No need for a calculation or anything, if it has zero velocity then don't remove it!
  8. But "More Boosters" is legitimate advice lots of the time
  9. dryer_lint


    ... why do I suck at this game so much
  10. Huh. My loading times are still pretty long... what am I missing out on!?
  11. Nope. Only the science lab is unlocked, Gravioli is quite a bit later in the tree.
  12. I just came back from a Minmus flyby for that sweet sweet science... 464 in total! Phew! For someone who was failing with the new aero and barely getting past the first few tiers, this is awesome. Now for the question: What should I unlock next? This is my current tech-tree status. What do you guys think? Personally, my biggest problem is ascent (getting enough weight to orbit) and I can barely get a small Minmus transfer craft up there. My space program is mostly rocket-oriented, which is why I haven't researched Airplanes yet I've been considering Advanced Exploration for the lab, which seems like a good SCIENCE investment, as well as Command Modules for the 3-Kerbal pod. I'm also thinking about throwing in Landing if I have 90 science to spare... I'll need those big landing legs! Other than that, I could go for Larger Rocketry to get the Mainsail, Aerodynamics for the 2.5m fairing, or maybe even Construction for the tri-coupler. But I don't want to make a hasty decision. This career game was not going well (probably blew about 100k funds on two missions trying to get Jeb off that deathtrap of a Mun. Did not work.) I don't want to spring for the wrong research node and ruin this science spree! So, what is your advice? Feel free to throw in any other facts/tips concerning the tech tree!
  13. I always assumed that the manufacturing companies had to test their own parts, and occasionally it went a little bit... wrong. As for the Magical Tracking Station, well, have you seen how parts explode when they hit the ground? Kerbals mount a piece of remote C4 on every part
  14. I only feel guilty when I make a bomber in the SPH and load it with a NERVA...
  15. Ah, thanks! I noticed that button, but when I tried it and it disabled the summaries I assumed that was all it did...
  16. You're looking for /r/herbalspaceprogram
  17. Hey guys. Just downloaded the mod after forgetting how helpful it was I love the new UI, but that tooltip when mousing over parts really bothers me. I don't have a middle mouse button and the tooltip just gets in the way... is there any way to disable it? I've looked through the in-game settings, nothing so far.
  18. For me? Moho, Vall, and maybe Ike. It used to be Dres by a long shot, but Dres has kind of gone full circle at this point. So uncool that it's cool
  19. Physics warp can usually go up to x2 or even x3 without any problems. Hold Alt, and then warp - you'll go into physics warp as if you were in atmosphere! Additionally, there's always the option of doing something else during long burns. Browse the KSP forums? Just make sure to quicksave first! - - - Updated - - - You guys are insane. How the heck do you get Rhinos into space!? (Not a pun, I literally don't understand how to get those massive engines into space)
  20. wowowowowowowo Daily Kerbal has arrived! I wonder what we'll see in the devnotes tomorrow...
  21. I am going to be very angry at SQUAD if they took the time to implement this instead of other features...
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