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  1. I agree that we really need more World First contracts. They're awesome, they're a lot less grindy, and they encourage you to play KSP the CORRECT way, dangit! THE COMMUNITY-APPROVED WAY! But seriously, those contracts are much better than "send 666 kerbals into the sun" and "test structural girder on intergalactic trajectory" over and over again.
  2. I've heard that it's actually not supposed to be an alert tone - it's some sort of system to route the message, similar to the noises on telephone keys. Found this on the interwebs, although I'm not sure if I can trust the interwebs... I agree that it's creepy as heck though. Even better is when you're not watching TV, or you're in a separate room... house goes silent, then, BEEPPPPPP BEEEPEPEPPE BEEEEEEEEEEPEPPEPEPPPPPP
  3. I don't get why people are bashing Interstellar's science so much. Yeah, it was inaccurate, but guys... consider that most sci-fi movies still have the ship stop if you turn your engines off.
  4. I completely forgot about the demo updates. Very nice, it gives players a look at the finished game without revealing too much. That Ore database is such a tease
  5. A KSP player that hasn't seen this comic? Whaaa? https://xkcd.com/1133/
  6. Kerbals are made of jelly. They break apart but bounce back together, silly.
  7. Hans Zimmer? Guy who made the Interstellar soundtrack? I ACCEPT IMMEDIATELY
  8. B-b-but... the Skipper, man I don't know what it is, but something about the Skipper is just awesome
  9. Do... do we have to find the Easter Eggs ourselves?
  10. It's a shame we haven't seen any "landed on the Sun" contracts...
  11. KSP's stock graphics are pretty good already. They could use some improvement, but they're fine for the most part. Sound, on the other hand... could really use an overhaul. Kevin Macleod is great but it gets quite boring after a while.
  12. You've also got fuel cells, but yeah, RTGs are your only choice at that point. Also, a tip for power usage: "locked" batteries can be re-enabled even when your probe is out of power, so they're really useful as emergency or long-term energy storage. Took me way too long to figure this out...
  13. Oooh. Kerbal Thermonuclear War, with people trying to bomb the other guy's KSC silo before he/she can strike back But no, I don't think KSP will ever reach that level of popularity. Personally, I'm fine with where we are now: A nice little dedicated community, with enough new purchases to keep SQUAD's income flowing, while avoiding the... issues that come with a Minecraft-style community.
  14. Reddit. That's pretty much it. Reddit and the KSP Forum
  15. Bum bum ba dum dum dum dun dun dun ba bum da dum da dum dum DUM
  16. I was always disappointed that they didn't officially name it the "Nuke"
  17. This. For god's sake guys, we don't have to pick favorites... OR DO WE? WORLD WAR III IMMINENT. IT SHALL BE FOUGHT WITH ROCKETS RE-PURPOSED AS MISSILES. that was a joke haha, fat chance
  18. Yeah, as others have said, it's been majorly improved in 1.0. You should have seen 0.90, giving 20 science for each contract... it was insane. These little bonuses are much better. Honestly, most of them seem to stay around 5-20 science. What can you even buy with that?
  19. whoosh My reply was kind of tongue-in-check, I didn't think you guys would take it seriously Although I don't see a reason to hate the guy. He genuinely seems to be interested in space exploration.
  20. MUTINY HOW COULD YOU Half the forum pretty much worships companies like SpaceX
  21. They're amazing. With this and the shake effects, rockets actually feel powerful now.
  22. Hmm. I would go for permanent tanks, just to make the workflow easier... or you could always set it up on Minmus and mine for Ore
  23. Yeah, service bays are awesome! A great way to shield probe cores and antennas.
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