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  1. So, wait, are we going to get an animation like the one for ARM? Maybe with some Kerbals doing money-related stuff, I dunno.
  2. This seems pretty cool, and it looks like the "object tracking feature" (where you see an antenna icon and size class) is going to get used more often. We've seen from the 0.24 videos that the lost Kerbals are tracked like asteroids.
  3. Did you just say... pulling an asteroid? For some reason this feels revolutionary
  4. I'll admit, when I first purchased KSP, one of the things I was most excited about was using a rover to explore the KSC. I'm dead serious. ... yeah sometimes I play games the wrong way
  5. Woohoo! The FAQ is out! Now we just need a really big clock, with a dramatic countdown to the release.
  6. I noticed, and got really surprised that the forums hadn't exploded yet.
  7. Considering my lifter usually gets into orbit with a good amount of fuel left, I might ditch the RCS and use a bunch of Vernor thrusters. The O-10 might be cool for probes, I dunno.
  8. We must reach the 100th page before 0.24 comes out and the thread dies! Wait a minute... does this mean... part of me wants 0.24 to get delayed? *entire community gasps simultaneously*
  9. I agree with the idea of launching satellites, as Torham said, isn't that one of the biggest parts of a space program?
  10. How about, you don't have to put pre-created stuff in orbit, but you can build your own satellite?
  11. I prefer one pod. Rescue the stranded Kerbal, and leave the rescuer in orbit. logic
  12. Kerbal Technology Logic: - Thermometers are advanced scientific tools - You discover wheels near the end of the tree
  13. Couldn't we just post URLs to the reaction gifs? As in, not actually linking to the image but just posting the URL?
  14. Pretty much correct. Also, I just realized... what will happen to this thread when 0.24 DOES come out? *OP edits title* "The Officially unofficial 0.25 Kerbapalooza Thread"
  15. We need to go farther, obviously. What features should they put in KSP 2? No, KSP 3! [/sarcasm]
  16. Just keep track of the forums, I expect the whole page to be flooded with posts the instant 0.24 is released
  17. So will 0.24 break my save? I don't care if it breaks my career save, I never liked career anyways (until now). Just don't break sandbox pleeeease
  18. I can't wait for the update, but there's lots of things I don't understand... why does, say, STEADLER Engineering want you to explore Minmus? And how did Jeb's company get a Kerbal stuck in orbit- Ok, wait, it's Jeb's company. Bad example. Also, the whole idea of the R&D facility is confusing to me. How come YOUR space program is researching stuff, but it ends up being manufactured by other companies, and those companies act like they came up with it? And when you have to test things for contracts, how on earth do you get those parts BEFORE you research them!? aaaaa
  19. I think that if it ever happens, they should limit life support to just oxygen. I know TAC Life Support adds a bunch of resources but that seems like overkill... If they ever did add life support, they could just put the stranded Kerbals in a spaceship (out of fuel but with a good amount of oxygen)
  20. I agree with Vostok that they seem more like the Rabbids, minus the Rabbids' extremely annoying desire to frustrate the people around them (sorry, I don't like that show ) I like the Minions though, so let's just say that they're more like the Minions...
  21. This would be going a bit too far, we want KSP to be realistic, but they can't simulate every part of a real space program... it would probably get overwhelming for new players to have a ton of buttons and/or buildings. IMO it's just not worth the development time, since this would be pretty hard to implement. Also, wouldn't it kind of ruin the feeling of KSP? You know, sending your Kerbals to a faraway planet, and if it doesn't work, send a rescue mission, improvise with the jetpack, or leave them there?
  22. You need to select them in the Tracking Station and click "Track Object", the button with the satellite dish on it. Then they will switch from "Unknown Object" to "Space Object" or something like that. Then you can target them! EDIT: Now I know why people keep saying "ninja'd"
  23. I think this is happening more often... I had it for the first time today, and it looks like more people are posting about it.
  24. Late in the game, there should be a contract for "stop doomsday asteroid from hitting Kerbin" Personally, I... haven't managed to catch one yet. There's one orbiting Kerbin and I sent out a ship to get it, unfortunately it's in a really weird, eccentric polar orbit and I can't get a good rendezvous.
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