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  1. I agree with this so much. Actually made a thread with the same suggestion a while back, but it died pretty quickly.
  2. Can you describe the company? Like, is it mostly spaceplanes or mostly rockets, etc.? I probably can't make a logo but it might help other people...
  3. Perhaps we could just have some subforums?
  4. I'm considering getting HyperEdit so I can mess with the planetary orbits. Heehee. Can it permanently break the game though?
  5. I had this once, it forced me to kill KSP.exe and restart the game. When I opened the Tracking Station, there wasn't any ship where I had last left it. There WAS, however, a single command pod traveling at escape velocity from the sun. Oops.
  6. There was a thread once about the Duna SSTV signal (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60247-Duna-SSTV-transmission), and it has convinced me that we need more easter eggs. Someone said that the same signal is played when you reach 100,000 pentameters from the sun, resulting in the most epic story ever.
  7. But wait... we get funds back for returning a part, but we still can't recover spent booster stages? That's kinda silly.
  8. I just really want a camera part for probes. That's the only part I really want for probes.
  9. Wow. That picture-scrambling technique is amazing.
  10. These pictures are pretty cool. As in, expensive. We should fire the photographers and get a cheaper camera.
  11. Wait, so direct injection actually does work? Perfect. *points ship at Eeloo and fires engines*
  12. Oh my god, reading through the first pages of this thread actually made me shiver... with the part about the probe reaching 100,000 pentameters, and the "mini-countdown" until the ion stage was depleted, and then he actually heard it Like the others have said, *cue creepypasta music*
  13. Yes! I've always wanted a camera, especially for science! I mean, think about it, when they send a rover to Mars, what's the most important (or most well-known) scientific instrument on it? No, it's not a container full of goo. It's a camera.
  14. I set the question as answered. Thanks a lot for all the help, guys!
  15. Ohh, radial burns! I pretty much forgot that marker was there... does this technique work from anywhere on the orbit or do I have to do it while I'm still in Kerbin's SOI? EDIT: Ok, wow, a lot of people posted while I was replying to Red Iron Crown
  16. Does anyone have any advise for how to lower my periapsis at a destination planet (Duna, in this case) ahead of time? I've been messing around with maneuver nodes, but I just can't manage to lower it as far as I want to, or else the encounter goes away... it would really be helpful if I was able to aerobrake at a destination. At the moment, half my fuel is wasted on just slowing down.
  17. Eve is easy to land on with its thick atmosphere, it was my first manned planet landing. It's just hard to take off from. The "Dudly Kerman Eve Visitor" has now been renamed to the "Dudly Kerman Permanent Eve Base".
  18. I definitely like the concept, but I'm not sure about your way of implementing it... might get a bit confusing. Still, the concept is a good idea, and I'd like to see it in the game
  19. For my first mission to some place, or anything that's significant like that, I'll actually make a "good" name... or try to. Something to do with orbits or exploration or whatever. Afterwards, if it's a non-significant mission, I'll just give it a silly name. The "Greniskol Jool Probe". "Greniskol". "Green is cool". Yeah, I'm not good at naming.
  20. Nah, at the moment there's no re-entry damage in KSP UNLESS you have Deadly Re-entry installed. Just make sure you have drogue parachutes (the orange ones) or the force of parachute deployment might rip apart your ship.
  21. Make the rescue ship remote controlled with no pods, just external seats. To... umm... save weight.
  22. Nooo! Don't move Eeloo, I liked it where it was GP2 does sound awesome though. I'm hoping it'll have some small, randomly generated moons that we'll be able to "discover" and explore.
  23. I agree that we need some sort of Mk3 engine, maybe one that looks like the space shuttle engine. I'd really like one because the Mk3 pod looks pretty cool (or it would if it had IVA) but, like you said, adding all those adapters makes it look horrible.
  24. I was going to say "boost it and delay reentry", but if the systems are failing... maybe we should just deorbit it and record the re-entry with a bunch of cameras. Prefilmed sci-fi ​movie footage
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