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  1. At first I thought cities could just be empty, but then I realized how scary that would get at night. Ahhhhh.
  2. I'd like to see several cities, maybe 10 scattered around Kerbin, but not too many. And it would probably be a pain to simulate Kerbals walking around and stuff... imagine a rocket crashing straight into the street, while the simulated Kerbals just walk though it
  3. I'm fine if it breaks my career save, I never really liked career but that might change with this update. Hope it doesn't break my sandbox save though.
  4. I have no idea what just happened, but this is some cool hacking anyways
  5. The hour counter wouldn't make any sense for me to use, considering I just leave KSP open on my computer...
  6. I think there was some YouTube video (probably by Danny2462) where the creator put an EVA Kerbal into ragdoll mode by pushing a button. Is there actually any way to do this, or is it just some kind of mod?
  7. More parts for space stations and things. Also, cameras! That would be awesome for collecting science.
  8. Only use Kerbodyne parts - the larger the better. The only thing(s) a good rocket needs are boosters, and if you want to be boring, parachutes and struts. The "speed" indicator is actually an indicator for how good you're playing. Higher numbers are better.
  9. I think it should just be a picture, not actually an animated cutscene. Just a picture to replace the Loading symbol.
  10. A space station with 6 modules attached to it. Also, a big Mun base that I delivered all at once, and I can't believe it worked...
  11. My system of building rockets revolves around "more boosters", so... yeah. If it didn't work I would drag the whole thing up, add another, bigger stage underneath... until the thing falls apart on the launch pad, that is
  12. Kind of like SlimeCrusher said, I think we should differentiate between "Easter Eggs" and "anomalies". As in, anomalies would be crashed asteroids and caves and things, while Easter Eggs are just those cool hidden surprises.
  13. Well, thanks for the timeline and all this talk about "seeing someone's past actions". Now I can't get rid of the feeling, there must be some way to cause a paradox with this.
  14. I like the idea of KSP 2 (as in, a whole sequel to KSP) being about interstellar travel, if they ever made it. But until then I don't really see it happening...
  15. I think if they ever made a KSP 2, like a sequel to KSP, it would be about other star systems... however, I don't really like the idea of implementing other solar systems into the game. In my opinion, KSP is a game about realistic and modern technologies, or at least near-future technologies. It would probably be impossible to visit another star system with the current engines and things.
  16. Really? So far, the KSP forums have the best community I've ever seen on the Internet.
  17. When I managed to get a probe orbiting around Jool and couldn't believe my luck, it even passed by three moons. Unfortunately, two days later, it had gotten flung out into interstellar space. I hate the Kraken now.
  18. Anyone know any good sandbox-like games for PC? The Steam summer sale is going on as I post this, so I'm wondering what I should buy with 11 dollars... the KSP forums are helpful, so let's share our opinions! Who will be the first person to answer with "Kerbal Space Program"?
  19. I had a probe orbiting Jool that got flung into a very wide solar orbit for no apparent reason. Then again, ALL my probes either disappear or get flung out of the solar system...
  20. Well, actually, I tried a Duna mission today, and the transfer worked. Unfortunately, during re-entry, the parachutes ripped the ship to pieces. Maybe I should just stop doing interplanetary stuff before all my Kerbals are killed.
  21. Eh... I tried using the transfer calculator, it took me forever to get the maneuver node right... are you guys sure about this?
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