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  1. I tried to plan a transfer from Kerbin orbit once, but I apparently don't have the patience to do it. I had to move the maneuver node around for like 15 minutes until I finally got it. Now I just burn straight up, escape into solar orbit, and plan my maneuver from there. Plenty of time, and it's easier (in my opinion). It also might have something to do with what No One (nice username) said. I can't resist strapping on a ton of liquid fuel boosters and things, so my rockets are also pretty hard to turn
  2. Wait, Roblox? I thought I was the only one who played that game.
  3. Really? For some reason, my Duna mission only worked if I time-warped past the SOI change. Whaaaat?
  4. Does Terrain Scatter take up lots of memory? Also, if I turn it on mid-game, is there a possibility one of my ships will be placed inside a boulder?
  5. *cue dramatic plot twist music*
  6. I kind of like "Tiny, Regular, Rockomax, Kerbodyne," and then the others...
  7. I've decided KSP has the best debug messages ever.
  8. We told Jeb to stop dividing by zero.
  9. How about we ram the ion engines into each other, creating explosions to propel the asteroid? It's technically mostly ion-powered.
  10. Well, I'm 13, but wow, this has to be the most age-diverse community I've ever seen.
  11. It was in the demo tutorial. Seconds before impact I noticed the ground was... seconds away and had Jeb jump out. He lived! Somehow!
  12. This seems like a really cool idea. I'd love to see it!
  13. This is a great mod, and it's helped with docking a lot... but mine is rather laggy for some reason. Is there any way to make it smoother?
  14. Yes, as usual, I know the title is confusing... anyways, I've been told that if you want to be able to use RCS to translate a ship, you have to have the RCS thrusters right on the ship's center of mass. I've tried it and it works, but the problem is, now I'm building larger ships and I need more RCS ports. So putting a big group right on the center of mass won't work anymore. Does anyone have any ideas? Probably a mod or something?
  15. SOI: None/Interstellar Space Type: 100-Kerbal Starship Return: Of course not! Yeah, I'm aware this isn't possible but still...
  16. SOI: Sun Mission Type: Manned Landing Return: Probably not
  17. We already have similar systems in the solar panels... can't be that hard to make them into wings, can it?
  18. I've had this issue too! It's so annoying... I just end the task and restart KSP, but similar stuff has also happened to me when I hit Esc in-flight. Nothing works, I can't recover the vessel or go back to the Space Center. Then when I re-opened KSP, the vessel that was doing it had gotten blasted off into interstellar space. Weird.
  19. I think I understand what Kasuha was saying... as in, if you're moving sideways past the target? But you'd still be moving toward​ the target, right?
  20. That's what I meant, though. Sometimes I'm moving diagonally and I can't turn the ship around that quickly. I just feel like it would be more convenient to have it on the speed indicator, that's all.
  21. Hmm... good point. I guess it's a lot easier to supply electricity to probes, while kerbals would require a whole "snacks module" for interplanetary trips. Then again, same thing happens in real life, but it would take the fun out of KSP! I know we want it to be realistic, but there's something inspiring about landing your kerbals on another planet or moon, if life support was added, it would all be probe-based... again, like in real life
  22. I agree with being able to enable/disable deadly reentry, Kerbal re-spawn, and life support, but the others... aerodynamics should just be changed to FAR aerodynamics, cost of parts shouldn't really be changed IMO, and as for the sliders, that seems too complex. Like they said, a difficulty level is good, but not a jumble of options and things. Partial support.
  23. Yes, I know, the title is confusing. What I'm trying to say is... you know when you have the navball showing your speed toward the target? This is very useful when docking, but it's still just a number. I don't actually know if I'm moving toward or away from the target. Of course, I could check where the prograde or retrograde marker is, but sometimes I still have to rotate the navball around to do this. I think it would be a lot more convenient to just add a positive or negative sign to the Target Speed, that way we can tell which direction we're going. Anyone agree?
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