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  1. I think it would be cool to assign "jobs" to your Kerbals. Again, something that's just for fun, but like each Kerbal would have a job title under their name. You can set it for hired astronauts (not the original three) to something like "Space Station Manager", or, if you're evil, "Kraken Sacrifice"
  2. Perhaps Kerbals with low courage could "chicken out" and refuse to pilot your ship? The problem is, there needs to be reasons to pick all kinds of astro(kerbo?)nauts, because if you're just looking for ones with low stupidity and high courage then there's no strategy or anything...
  3. I usually pay attention to which one comes up last. Like "Locating Jebediah Kerman" is a good final one.
  4. So, if you have a spacecraft in orbit around Earth and it fires its engines, it will release some sort of gas/exhaust in that direction, right? What would happen to this gas, would it keep somehow... orbiting or what? Is it possible for satellites to eventually (over lots of time) fall to earth because the gas slowed them down? Did I just realize this post is entirely made up of questions??
  5. I vote Adcas Kerman. You should make this a poll.
  6. 3.75! The bigger the better! Woohoo!! Joking aside, I guess I prefer 2.5 meter parts.
  7. Oh! Never mind, I did it again and it worked! Woohoo, first interplanetary trip! It was probably the "very very​" slight changes you mentioned. Thanks for the help!
  8. The encounter was probably not very close (it took 15 minutes of messing with the maneuver node), so I'm guessing that was part of the problem. I did quicksave so I'll try again and tell you if it worked.
  9. So, after reading the Interplanetary Guide and Calculator, going through the wiki, and messing around with maneuver nodes for about 15 minutes, I finally managed to get an encounter with Duna. Yay! Here we go! Unfortunately, about a quarter of the way through the trip, the encounter suddenly... goes away. Nothing important, right? It's probably just the timewarp-inaccuracy thing. It'll correct itself, right... ? Anyways, as Duna got closer and closer, nothing happened. I did not get captured and my wonderful encounter icon never came back. Does anyone know what happened here? I reloaded the quicksave and I'm on an escape trajectory from Kerbin. Is this a one time glitch or will I have to redo the whole flight?
  10. I built a ship with a Klaw and two missiles (yes, inspired by Danny2462) but I haven't bothered getting it into orbit yet. I love building rockets and space station modules and things, I'm just too lazy to actually... you know... get them into space Oh my god. This guy is reenacting Gravity.
  11. Either first Mun landing, or first docking. Or first time opening KSP?
  12. I'm going to space, IN SPAAACE!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: Oh, wow, the person right before did the same thing. Silly me
  13. These are not really my goals, just my (ridiculously hard) criteria for winning KSP: - Base and space station on/over every planet and moon (except for Jool) - Being able to get to any location without quicksaving - (Maybe) Capable of building an ship to travel interstellar distances Yeah, most of these are just ridiculously hard, but if you could do them, you've won KSP Keep in mind I still struggle to get to the Mun
  14. I always thought that if they ever made a KSP 2 (like a whole sequel to KSP!) it would be about interstellar travel. I like that idea.
  15. I have this exact same problem. "Ok, this one will be my simplest rocket yet!" Five minutes later, rocket has 10 stages with dozens of boosters
  16. I didn't exactly mean it so that you could find out how many science points you get, it was more for the amusing text responses...
  17. KSP is surprisingly popular! Who knew!
  18. Am I the only one who knew both of these because I read every page on the wiki before I decided to purchase KSP?
  19. About that article, did anyone notice the title-text on the second to last image?
  20. When I say "science data", I'm referring to the text that shows in the GUI when you do a science experiment. For example, doing a Crew Report in the KSC shows something like "This is our space center here". However, if you're in the Sandbox mode, it only shows something like "You would learn a lot more if the R&D was open." For sandbox mode, it shows this same (or similar) message. For every experiment, for every situation. I, personally, like to read the messages, even if I can't transmit the data or get science points. So do you guys think it would be good to just show the data, but still have no science value for doing it?
  21. Really? I use a trackpad and it feels fine... am I missing out on something?
  22. I recall Danny2462 doing something like this...
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