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  1. You could add command modules. I'd think lander cans and the Cupola module (or whatever it was called) look nice, even if they are small. Did you want a big module to look at on the outside, or a good IVA view?
  2. Hmm... space suits seem a little too small in size to "design your own", because that would be something like making new parts. As for choosing which type of spacesuit your crew wears, that could work I guess.
  3. All we heard from Jeb was "Good, now make it go faster"
  4. Hmm... I don't think any parts are clipping, I mean, it seems normal when you look at it.
  5. Hi guys! So, recently I've been trying to do an orbital rendezvous/docking with my... "space station" (at the moment it's just one command pod ). Anyways, I was able to get close to it with my docking ship, but when I approached, I found it rotating around. When I switch to it, I can manually stop the spinning, but when I switch back, it just starts again... SAS is enabled but it doesn't do anything when I switch away. So, does anyone know what the problem is here? Any help is appreciated!
  6. By the way, I don't literally mean "does the game require you to dock", it's just that I've heard about the Apollo missions when they realized that landing with all the return fuel would be too much to carry. Is it the same with KSP? I've been trying to build a Mun rocket that can return the crew, but I suck at docking/rendezvous, at least in Kerbin orbit. So, in KSP Mun missions, is it possible to just land with all the fuel for the return trip? If so, how hard would this be? Any help is appreciated!
  7. You should abuse this effect and make a lot of "smoke".
  8. Did you try getting out and kicking it? Kerbals really need a "kick" button.
  9. Does this work? It's from a Google search, and I didn't test the links, just letting you know http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24858-Old-versions-of-KSP-(some-versions-still-wanted!)
  10. You could download the demo, but that probably doesn't count...
  11. Reading this thread spooked me out a little bit
  12. I tried to send a ship into the sun and had Bill get out. So, literally, he's floating in space... by himself... with no ship or anything
  13. Actually, I've had this problem before and I solved it by putting a penny or two stacked on the W key, with a small plastic box on top. Then I walked away from the computer and left it there
  14. Like commercial airline cabins and stuff? I don't think they'll make that for a while, maybe as an expansion, like you said... there's probably a mod for it though. I think you can already build this stuff, like Sirrobert said
  15. Does this work? http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Version_history
  16. I agree with this. I think a "camera" part would also be cool, you get points based on how much of a planet is visible in the camera, etc.
  17. I would like this as a new loading screen image.
  18. Oh, thanks! Well... 3 times a year? It just went on sale a week ago and I missed it, so... oh. Well, I would consider buying it regular price, but I'm certain that it'll go on sale a day after I get it, with my luck.
  19. Nice! I also prefer text tutorials for some reason...
  20. Hi everyone, Yes, I know this thread makes me sound cheap but at the moment, I have something like $24 in my Steam account. Yep, 24 dollars. KSP is a great game, and I am planning to buy it, but I'd really prefer not to go buying a 20 dollar card for 4 extra dollars... so does anyone know how often KSP goes on sale? Not when, just how often... I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks! Note: I'm new to the forums, and I've read through the rules, but I can't figure out if this kind of post is allowed. So... if it isn't, could a mod just delete it and let me know please?
  21. I made a Mun rocket, but missed the encounter (I'm new to KSP) so I decided to go for the sun instead. Attempting to lower my periapsis straight into the sun, Bill exhausted all the liquid fuel. Then all the RCS fuel. Then he got out and used his jetpack for a while. One of these days, I will get a kerbal into the sun!
  22. 1) I'm currently using the demo, so I can't make unmanned probes. Aww. But anyway, I'd be fine with leaving them forever. 2) Leave them in space! It saves money! 3) I've been trying to blow up debris. Does anyone have a good missile I can borrow? 4) The demo limits you to three flights, so I either deorbit them or just end them sooner or later. 5) Same as 4.
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