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  1. Finally. Those restrictions were always annoying. "SORRY SIR CANNOT READ THERMOMETER BECAUSE LOLSPACE DEAL WITH IT"
  2. I don't remember the date but the version was 0.23.5... although a played the demo for quite a while, so I might have missed one or even two versions, for all I know! - - - Updated - - - Demo master race
  3. Jesus, I don't think I've ever seen a more... divided community when it comes to KSP. "It's amazing and so clean. I want to make it my default mouse and look at it 24/7" "It's horrible and so ugly. I want it to die, painfully, in a fire, caused by burning lemons" Personally, I like it, but is it really this important, guys?
  4. Eh, I'm not that hyped, but considering the heat-shield issues, etc., I'm willing to accept this - - - Updated - - - This has been in the game forever! I always thought it was intentional, and personally I love it. For some reason
  5. Yeah, nice "sale" we have going on there The joke is that it used to cost 29.99 anyways.
  6. This... I got stuck in Career because I've already maxed out most of Kerbin's science, and I still don't have solar panels for the probe flyby! Remind me to rush for panels next time
  7. Ah, sorry for the confusion, they only wear different clothes in the Astronaut Complex (and maybe the crew roster before launch?). In-flight, they're normal kerbonauts. Although a pink suit or something would be awesome
  8. Switching between both, although Sandbox seems more fun at the moment. I love this new update, fairings are great and Resources sound like they'll be awesome (you know, once you actually get all that equipment out there). Aerodynamics are interesting. It's a much better system than the old soup-o-sphere, but my god, I feel like a new player all over again!
  9. Ohhh, I didn't realize you had to click on Ore! That was my problem... thank you, guys! Although it still doesn't show the Resources button in map view. That's a bit strange, but hey. Thanks anyways!
  10. But that's the problem: There is no resource button in the map view, and in the Tracking Station, it won't show anything.
  11. Is there a Resources tutorial out there somewhere? I just tried out some of the scanning parts in Sandbox and I can't figure this out at all. It claims to allow viewing from the "safety of Kerbin", but I can only activate the map by right-clicking on the Survey Scanner part. The resources menu (in the "Knowledge Base") doesn't even show up in the map view, and does nothing at all in the Tracking Station. Am I doing something wrong here? Maybe it's just me... 1.0 is a great update but Resource scanning seems pretty hacked-in and glitchy.
  12. And I love how they have different clothes That's attention to detail right there.
  13. Yeah, I really enjoyed the first... half-hour or so of career mode Don't get me wrong: I love what they've done with it, no more cruising through the tech-tree, no more easy funding. However, there still is a ton of grind. Definitely a step in the right direction though!
  14. Huh. I kind of wish they had gone ahead and made a new icon, this was from KSP's MS Paint days
  15. Yeh darn kids! Stop doin' them fancy Pew-dee-pay drugs and git ovar heere! We gonna teach you kids a lesson... on orbital mechanics
  16. solongsuckersthisisourplanetnow I'm willing to bet the first people on Mars lead a revolution! (Not really, but how cool would that be)
  17. Maybe they should have compromised and just shown a (junk) animation of the planet surface being revealed? I haven't played with resources yet, so I'm not sure what it looks like.
  18. But the thing is, we used to be so nice. I've seen other communities. I've used the ROBLOX forums. But KSP was different! We used to pride ourselves on how welcoming we were. I was amazed at how kind everybody was, we appreciated SQUAD and we really seemed to enjoy this quirky little game. What happened, guys? What happened?
  19. My god, this. What happened to this community? Constructive criticism is one thing, but this quote couldn't be more accurate: we really act like we hate the game sometimes.
  20. This, chutes seem a LOT more stable now. They're even a little overpowered, you can open them during the flames of re-entry
  21. Is it me, or has career gotten a lot harder with this update? I like it! Before, you could cruise through the entire tech tree and never encounter a funding problem... now, I'm short on funds and I still haven't reached the Mun. It's painful, but awesome!
  22. We're eligible to get them too, but you can't use them in classes (which is pretty much 90% of the day) or download your own stuff (although I remember one kid that managed to play games throughout the entire class, on his OWN laptop, because substitute teachers...) Oh well. But if 1.0 isn't released when I get home, the Kerbals get it. - - - Updated - - - I just realized there's a good chance of Prison Architect updating today as well! If they also leave Early Access..
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