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  1. I go to high school. Could you guys do this in high school?
  2. I bet 1.0 releases the moment I get into school.
  3. We need to sneak in an undercover operative. Surely someone at Google's office plays KSP... "Hey Scott. Whatcha doing over there? It looks like you're editing the homepage." "NOTHING" - - - Updated - - - Aaaand the AMA is back under 5000 votes... to think I liked you, Reddit...
  4. Reddit update: F- F- F- FIVE THOUSAND VOTES ACHIEVED We have taken over Reddit. Congratulations, hypetrain.
  5. Guys! The SQUAD AMA is on the front page of Reddit, and we're only 50 votes away from 5000! Everyone make an account and upvote it! (Only if you don't have an account already. Don't make two accounts, dat's cheeting!)
  6. What's this? Reddit is downvoting the Kerbal AMA! They must not like us taking over the front page... - - - Updated - - - The feels.
  7. Also, it looks like my second-highest-rated Reddit comment is now about SQUAD's red release button...
  8. The HypeTrain doesn't actually have brakes. We stop by placing a giant boulder in front of it.
  9. There's no official source, but we know that there's a new small booster called the "Flea", compared with the old RT-10, known as the "Hammer". And I believe the small version of the Poodle is now called the "Terrier"?
  10. Just chillin' in deep space, being the quiet planet, enjoying your elbow room. No spacecrafts bothering you. Wait! A sudden ring of asteroids? Oh well, I'm fine with them. But what's this... NOOOOO SUDDENLY SWARMED BY DRILLING SPACECRAFT
  11. Guys... what if... they only release once we reach a certain number of pages...
  12. Pfft, everybody knows that us 'Muricans determine the universal time!
  13. YOUR USERNAME! How was it not taken!?
  14. Incorrect picture. Needs more compression-heating flames enveloping the train.
  15. ERROR! Docking port not connected to cockpit. Cannot exit/enter this way. Just display that message
  16. <br><br>I feel lucky, 0.24 was the first version I saw (I joined at 0.23.5), so I thought you guys did this with <em>every </em>update <img src="images/smilies/k_wink.gif" border="0" alt="" title="Wink" smilieid="27" class="inlineimg"> EDIT: Umm.
  17. 0.24 was historic. We're never going to beat that level, people were hyping just for the sake of hyping!
  18. I... don't get what's going on here... "Open the cargo bays, and they become part of the aerodynamic physics." So why does this bug happen? He opened the cargo bay...
  19. The forum refused to load for a good five-to-ten minutes. We're getting there!
  20. They should figure out a release time tomorrow, so that we can have a dramatic countdown...
  21. But that would require a whole separate container for kimonds... Maybe just give unprocessed "Ore" a high selling price? Either process it to make fuel, or leave it unprocessed to make cash
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