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  1. What are some your favorite or must have mods? I have a big love for DarkSideTechnology's 2.5 meter centrifugal habitat mod. Im also a huge fan of KAS and KIS. I've spent a lot of time building bases and orbital stations part by part and I enjoy the new difficulty it affords me. And I've yet had a modded game without all of the future tech mods.
  2. IT WORKS!!!!! Now to add my favorite mods one by one.
  3. I'll trouble shoot this in a while, but haveI mmentioned how wonderful you are Jane? Thank you so much for your suggestions, assistance, and advice.
  4. Welp... Eeloo has disappeared.... but no new planets. Did i download the death star at some point?
  5. I downloaded 1.2.2 last night, but i was having the same issue with an early version of 1.2 from before i took my little hiatus. I had TAC LS, NFTech, Cryo and Atomics, and a number of others. They all seemed to work together except OPM. Just downloaded Kopernicus 1.2.2, so lets see how this goes... Don't you just love minor version updates?
  6. I'm running on 1.2, so i know most of those are up to date with that mod. For some reason I can't get OPM to work right . I've got the most recent Kopernicus update, KAS/KIS, all the NFTech, Atomics, Cryo. They all seem to work, but i can seem to get OPM to work right. Plus TAC LS.
  7. Im starting a new career mod and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for mod choices. I've stepped away for a little while and want you to really make things interesting. I know I want life support mods, extra planets, EPL, but does anyone have suggestions on those or any other types of mods I should try. I really want to make this interesting and challenging.
  8. Alright, i'm throwing myself onto your mercies. With all of my favorite mods up to date with 1.2, i just started a new career game, but i've run into a small glitch. My maneuver node doesn't appear on my map screen. The little dot doesn't show up over my trajectory path. Everything else works. I flew by the mun and landed on minmus, but if i plan to have any more complicated missions, i'm going to need that lovely little node. Does anyone have any ideas how i might solve this issue? The only mods that i have installed are all the Near Future Tech mods, Extraplanetary Launch Pads, KAS, KIS,Planetary Bases, TAC Life Support, and Module Manager. To my knowledge I've installed them all correctly, however, my knowledge base on this is only enough to get me into more problems than anything else. Jeb has tried hitting the console with a wrench, but all that did was change the units from Metric to Imperial.
  9. Finished fueling up my Juno 5 Mothership last night. It only took EIGHT trips. Eight identical trips. Ugh. After I finished fueling up and transfering crew, I launched the ship on a prograde burn to leave Kerbin SOI just ahead of the required plane and Jool iinterception burns. It's really interesting how much fuel I'm burning this early in the mission profile. I think my ship lost a third of its mass just to leave Kerbin SOI.
  10. After many failed design projects, the KSP software engineers decided they needed a hardware update. After a new installation, the engineers at KSP found themselves capable of flying larger ships with higher part counts. This lead to a desire to take up a mission so challenging that it would test the abilities of the new computer tech at hand. Thus the Juno 5 mission was born. The mission profile calls for six kerbalnauts, 2 pilots, 2 engineers, and 2 scientists to visit all five moons of the Jool system and then return safely to Kerbin. The first issues faced by the engineers was designing a command module with enough DeltaV built in to safely get the CM to orbit in the event of an emergency in mid-ascent from either Tylo or Laythe. This meant that any engines on the CM would have to be attached radially in order to make room for the 2.5m docking port at the rear of the CM. Then Public Relations made the job ten times worse when they discovered that public opinion found cargo bays to be "kinda kool". Thus, the CM needed radial engines that could fit inside a Mk.3 cargo bay. After about three different reiterations, the Intrepid class CM was built. With 800 units of Lf/Ox mix and 900 units of monoprop, the CM has a little over 2100 m/s of DeltaV. The Intrepid CM is also fully equipped with scientific instruments and onboard RTG to provide constant and steady electrical power. After the CM was designed, the Tylo and Laythe landers had to be worked out. The Laythe lander is pretty much a freefall, aerobreaking design. The detachable heat shield has a small fuel supply meant to power the CM's radial engines just enough for the CM/Lander to fall gradually from low Laythe orbit. The biggest challenge is managing to land on solid and level ground. Once i'm over a landing site, lateral momentum is killed with drogue chutes, followed by the main parachutes. Then, before landing, the heat shield and its small fuel tank are jettisoned, the Mainsail engine is primed, the landing gear is deployed, and a minimal retro burn is fired as briefly as possible. With Laythe's lower gravity and thinner air, there should be plenty of fuel to return to orbit in the CM, even if too much fuel is used in the descent. The Tylo lander is attached to the forward section of the mothership. Its an orange tank with six smaller radial tanks. It's powered by 6 aerospike engines and, by the time landing approaches, will have plenty of TWR to safely land on Tylo. After, the lander should have 1/4 of its fuel supply left to start the ascent, the rest being attained by the CM. The Vall, Pol, and Bop lander is a fuel tank with poodle engine and landing legs. The mothership holds the CM, VPB and Laythe landers in two very large cargo holds. These holds are flanked by the majority of the fuel for the single rhino and six LV-N engines. Foward of the holds is a Mk. 3 passenger cabin. Launching the mothership and all its tenders took some practice, but LKO of 94,000~ meters was attained. The next and hardest part of the pre-mission phase were the eight separate refueling missions. Eigth identical launches carried fuel and crew members up to the Juno 5 mothership as it was in LKO and passing directly over the KSP launch center. All pre-mission resupply flights and crew transfers were completed and the Juno 5 broke LKO mid-day on year 8, day 419 in order to exit Kerbin SOI, make an orbital plane change, and commit a planned Jool rendezvous burn on year 9, day 44. Planned Jool SOI intercept is year 11, day 390, followed by an aerobreaking maneuver in Jool's upper atmosphere. Next mission update will be post-plane change and rendevzous burns.
  11. Finally finished designing my Command Module. With it's built in supply of monoprop and Lf/Ox, it has a little over 2100 m/s of Delta V. That should be more than enough to get it back to a safe orbit if anything goes horribly wrong in mid flight, and if not, plenty of fuel for a fuss free rendezvous with the Juno 5 mothership. Hopefully designing the mothership will go just as smoothly. (Thank goodness I'm not trying to build a mother-in-law ship, cause that would never go well, ha ha ha ha......)
  12. I wonder, but has anyone ever looked into how the order of planetary vists affects fuel efficiency? I was looking into hitting Tylo first, followed by Layth, and then Vail. Has anyone else thought this out or did the math?
  13. Spent the day designing a compact top stage command module with a healthy amount of built in Delta V for a Jool 5 mission. It's supposed to be able to attach to multiple lower stages for the various mission profile requirements for Laythe, Tylo, and Vail-Bop-Pol.
  14. Launched and returned the Discovery II mission to Duna. The mission shared the same insertion window as my Duna Recon probe, so I had to juggle both at the same time. The recon probe had a low-thrust, high efficiency xenon engine and had about a 5 minute burn to slow enough to keep the probe from leaving the SOI. The Discovery II inflated it's 10-meter heat shield and used it with a 15,000 meter perigee to save fuel and slow down into a low orbital speed. The atmospheric lander used air brakes and a shallow descent profile to bleed off velocity, deploy it's chutes, and safely land at an equatorial lowland site. Half an hour later, I managed to time my launch and ascent angle perfectly so as to rendezvous with the Discovery II mothership before even stabilizing into my orbit. Afterwards, instead of breaking orbit I sent the runabout, a secondary two person variable thrust craft, to Ike. The runabout is a 10 ton craft that let me leave low Duna orbit and intercept Ike, circularize, land, and then return to low Duna orbit and rendezvous back with the Discovery II without even going through a quarter of it's minuscule fuel supply. I left both the lander and the runabout docked together in low Duna orbit before making a burn for home. I had two options for the trip home, either transferring orbits from Duna down to Kerbin and then burning to set up a rendezvous over a year later, or burn retro long and hard to swing low towards Kerbol and rendezvous with Kerbin. The only issue with the second option is that the intercept with Kerbin would be at very high speed. Because I still had my inflatable heat shield, i decided to chose the fiery option. I set my perigee at 30,000, pulled in my radiators, and pulled out the marshmallows. http://imgur.com/LcMQeVm
  15. Just arrived into orbit on my first manned mission of Duna since updating from 1.0.5 to 1.1.3. I also downloaded some near future tech mods, and so I'm getting to build some pretty impressive and nice looking ships. The thing is, I've started to notice that when I build stuff, be it stations, bases, or probes, I'm noticing that the aesthetics of the craft seems just as, if not even occasionally seem more important to me than the function/performance of the craft. The feeling of this has only grown the longer I've been playing KSP. Because of that, it made me curious if the rest of the community made the aesthetics of their ships important as well.
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