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  1. Ta @Xd the great; that was basically what I needed to do. Turns out that there was one .sfs file out of the ~60 that was corrupt, and that was stopping the entire list from being loaded. I'm rather disappointed that the load mechanism is so brittle, but there you are...
  2. Hi, Not sure what could have caused it, but recently my install of KSP refuses to list the saved versions of one of my saved games when in the "Load" screen. To be absolutely clear: I have two saved games. Neither of them has any issues with gameplay. Both of them load correctly from the "Resume Saved" list. Both of them quicksave and quickload correctly. Both of them manually save to the relevant game folder correctly. When in-game and I go to the "Load Save..." option, one of them lists all saved versions of the game, the other's list is empty. I can get around the problem by copying the file I want to load, renaming it to persistent.sfs, and loading it from the main "Resume Saved" list, but that's obviously less than ideal. I can't see any permission differences between the two game folders, but their contents are rather different: The "fail" game has a Subassemblies directory; the other does not. The "fail" game has files named KACJumpToShip.sfs, zKACBACKUP[date]-persistent.sfs, and zKACBACKUP[date]-quicksave.sfs; the other does not. The "fail" game also has vastly more manually-saved games (63) than the other (10). The "fail" game's save files are also considerably larger than the other's: 7-9Mb as opposed to 0.5-2Mb. I haven't included any log snapshots as I can't see how the problem is caused by anything internal to KSP itself, but if someone can tell me which logs might have any helpful info, I'll add them. My KSP install has the following details: OS: Windows 10 Pro KSP: v1.1.3.1289 (64-bit) CKAN: v1.24.0 Mods: B9PartSwitch 1.4.3 InfernalRobotics-LegacyParts 2.0.5 EasyVesselSwitch HeatControl 0.3.2 HooliganLabsAirships 5.4 HyperEdit InfernalRobotics 2.0.5 CommunityResourcePack KAS KerbalAtomics 0.2.6 KIS MarkIVSpaceplaneSystem 2.2.1 ModuleManager 2.6.25 TweakScale 2.2.13 CommunityTechTree 2.4 CryoTanks 0.2.6 DeployableEngines 0.2.6 FirespitterCore 7.3.0 NearFutureProps 0.5.1 NearFutureConstruction 0.6.4 NearFutureElectrical 0.7.8 NearFutureElectrical-Core 0.7.8 NearFutureElectrical-DecayingRTGs 0.7.8 NearFuturePropulsion 0.7.4 NearFutureSolar 0.6.2 NearFutureSolar-Core 0.6.2 NearFutureSpacecraft 0.5.1 CommunityTerrainTexturePack 1.0.4 xScience 5.0 ModularFlightIntegrator AtomicAge 3.2 KerbalEngineerRedux CryoEngines 0.4.2 B9-PWings-Fork 0.40.7 Toolbar 1.7.12 ModularRocketSystem 1.12.8 SpaceY-Expanded 1.1.11 SpaceY-Lifters 1.13.1 KSPInterstellarExtended 1.9.11 InterstellarFuelSwitch 2.1.4 InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core 2.1.4 Kopernicus 1.1.3-1 KerbalJointReinforcement 3.2 StockBugFixPlus 1.1.3b.1 HangarExtender 3.4.8 HangarGrid 0.3.0
  3. @pellinor: Thanks for being so on-the-ball with this update! Quick (noob) question: do I need to do something to get the new version to show up in CKAN, or is that something yet to be done from your end?
  4. No probs. Apparently @Nertea has tracked down the issue (in Cryogenic Engines and Kerbal Atomics) and released fixes; I'm just waiting for it to get to CKAN now.
  5. Sorry, but I'm not sure what the connection here is? The link goes to a bug about parts flickering in VAB/SPH menus (which I did notice, pre-1.2) whereas the bug report above is about all contracts (completed, in progress, and on offer) disappearing completely and irrevocably from saved games when the VAB/SPH or Tracking Station is entered after loading, which definitely appears to be a post-1.2 issue.
  6. Okay, thanks for moving the thread. Two hours later, and Adlie Kerman has appeared in the available list! No longer missing... he must have walked back all by himself. So... case closed.
  7. So one of my scientists was doing a tour of the base in a small rover, collecting all those sweet, sweet science points from every interesting feature*. He parked up against the VAB tanks, climbed out of his mobile lab and-- >warp< >stretch< >stretch< >poof< Some bizarre physics error caused him to flick into the air, stretch wildly in one direction, then another, then explode in a cloud of dust. I'm not complaining about the physics bork; I'm sure someone is already working on that. The question is: my crewman is now listed as "missing"**. He doesn't appear on the list in the Tracking Station, and he definitely exploded into a cloud of dust so... my questions would be: Is he actually "missing", as opposed to "dead"? Is he recoverable? How? Thanks in advance... * - But not, of course, the pond beside Admin. Or the flag pole, tanks, etc. by the launch pad. Their omission is... odd. ** - Not "dead", like his predecessor who happened to be on the ladder of a craft when it was recovered. Seriously, what's the deal with that?
  8. It seems like there are a couple of unresolved issues with this new release, but (apart from one) the ones I've noticed don't seem to be mentioned either on this forum or on the bug reporting site. However, I thought it would be polite to ask if anyone else had noticed these, or if it's just me. Rotating parts in VAB I don't seem to be able to rotate parts unless they're actually attached to the vehicle. This is really awkward, especially if I'm trying to build something with a lot of radial parts that need aligned properly. For some reason the parts aren't rotating to match the mount points automatically either. Now, I'm not sure if this is a) a bug, b) an issue with my specific setup, or c) a really stupid "new feature". Can anyone comment? Repeated crashes in VAB If I roll over several parts in the menu in quick succession, the entire application crashes. This happened a ludicrous number of times on the first day after the upgrade. Might be a problem with my graphics card; has anyone else seen this?