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  1. Dammit, I wish I had known about needing concrete bases before I sent out a mission to Minmus with this.
  2. If it helps, I have Rp-0 installed. Other people have had this problem, and they claim that uninstalling KIS and KAS fixes it. It does for me as long as I make a new save, but that still means that I loose so much progress. To the point that I am just going to play vanillaish now.
  3. It corrupts the save in such a way that even if you uninstall the mod, evaed Kerbals cant ever be recovered, no matter what. Even if you go back into a vessel with them. The only solution is to make a new save without the mod installed. Even running loading a save and not doing anything with this mod installed will corrupt it.
  4. I assume that you guys have realized that this mod corrupts saves if you ever eva already. Any progress on fixing this? Its rather frustrating to be unable to eva.
  5. At that point, you are introducing so many variables into engine choice that you don't have a real choice due to lack of options. Test Flight would be an awesome mod if paired with some sort of procedural engine mod that allows you to compromise between all of the relevant variables, maybe introducing engineering time and cost for new engine families and variants.
  6. Flying aircraft is very easy, you just have to patient. Learning how to fly before you start building is stupid imo. The main differences in flight from stock to FAR from a pilots perspective is the relative lack of drag, the need for airbrakes, and needing to be more careful at higher speeds. There is also the fact that stalling is actually a thing, but this just means that stupid things that did not work very well in stock wont work at all. Once you figure out how to read the Data+Stability derivatives screen, you have figured most of it out. Reading the Wikipedia articles on different wing shapes and mach effects will teach you the rest.
  7. I found a game breaking bug. The Kourou space center runways western end is underground, so it is impossible to launch planes from it. Here is a picture of the problem. I would like to know what file controls where the launchsites are exactly, so I can bump up the altitude of the site a tad so it is above ground so I can still play while waiting for an update. I am playing with max terrain detail, btw.
  8. Is this mod even still maintained, or is it abandoned?
  9. Did you ever fix the problem with your ship being at 175ms on the launchpad? I have the same problem and nothing I do fixes it.

  10. Rp-0 is pretty cool, but I am concerned that it could become to linear. What are some alternate ways that the space race could have gone to get to the moon and further? I vaguely remember reading that a heavily modified Gemini could have been used as a moon lander if NASA invested money in it, instead of using what they did.
  11. Am I the only one who does not over-engineer everything? Why would you put heavy stuff all over your craft that is only usefull in extremely rare circumstances that can easily be avoided?
  12. The way that Kerbin looks in the main menu was the same as it did when I loaded up a save, I just did not take a screen shot when the game was actually loaded. Thanks for the advice with CKAN, I wrongly assumed it was properly maintained. CKAN forces you to get EVE on top of SVE. Thanks for the advice about CKAN though, I wrongly assumed that it was properly maintained. After following your advice, stuff is still screwed up. The ground on Kerbin is entirely black, but at some angles this happens.The planets are also screwed up. This is Kerbin. Duna and Laythe have a similar problem. Every atmosphere-less body except for Dres and Moho look like this. Jool looks like crap, but that is a feature, not a bug. Both Jool and Eve have this problem if you are not super close. That static stuff is jumping all over the place btw. This is after a fresh install. Its probably messed up shaders. Update: Is almost certainly shaders, disabling the atmosphere shaders fixes the problem but also removes the most important feature of this mod. Using textures from older versions of this mod don't fix the problem. The terrain shaders are also still messed up. Disabling Planetshine did not fix anything either.
  13. Clouds are not working properly. Both the volumetric and the clouds that are just a texture you can see in space are not working. I am using the version of SVE that is in CKAN, with the high resolution texture pack installed. I have also deleted the CityLights.dll. They were sorta working earlier, but for some reason this mod breaks in different ways every time you install it, even when you are installing the exact same files. Update: Using a version of the plugins directly from Github made things worse. Update 2: Using the versions of everything from Github crashes the game with a crash log that suggests I'm running out of ram, even though I have plenty and and using 64 bit. Update 3: Not using either the Github version or the texture pack makes the game crash as soon as its done loading with no log. Update 4: By mixing and matching files from different versions, I managed to break this mod in such a way that it does not crash the game, but it also does not do anything. Its like its not even installed, except for the ram usage. I give up, I'm just gonna wait until you update this mod, that will probably fix it.