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  1. I have kind of issue - mod doesnt save last state. I mean every time i set window to show only current available science, but after reloading it's shows me again full science. Can i fix it by myself?
  2. Manuever gizmo is the only rhing why i use there mod.
  3. I cant find those joints for rover (Foldatrons) in research tree. Are they available for 1.1.2 version? Just see a hinge. I am right if they are not aviable from ckan and i should download them? Are they working for 1.1.2? Can ugive me a link?
  4. Just want to say THANKS for you insane mod. Keep it alive please.
  5. That's version issues so annoing... I cant install mods because 1.1 and 1.1.2 version difference.... Can author add possibilities to enable "mod force install"?
  6. Hi, i an building ship and want to empty fuel tankers one-by-one. But how can i plan it in staging? I mean: 1 big fuel tank and 4 less, during flight i want to use 2 less than decouple them, then use another 2 and finaly last big one.But how can i mange to plan it during staging editing (i mean emptying)?
  7. Damn, that is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks man!
  8. Hi, i cant find addon wich add some light for ship, i remember some mods which add couple of diode-type emmitters but i dont remember it name. Any suggestions?
  9. I found what i was looking for - KSP Alternate Resource Panel . But it's curently doesnt work with 1.1. Author promised to update soon.
  10. Hi! In 1.0.0. i was using sweet mod that uprgare resorce panel so it shows remaining delata-V, ETC remaing charge and other. Could you help me to remeber what was its name?