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  1. I get new version on discord channel. I repeat - discord. Discord. F.. DISCORD! )
  2. You can get dev version on discord channel
  3. AAAAAAAAAA!!! Mans!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Since now Kerbalism has nothing to do with stutters!!! All stutters are gone on new version!!
  4. You can easely use any probe as a sample return container. Probe hold all the data about experiments include materials bay and so on.
  5. Very sad, but stutters happened very often now, one per 7-8 sec. I report about it on discord channel and creator now try to fix that issue. Creator working on this problem about two days...
  6. Great mod, my favorite. But, and this is very sad, Kerbalizm produce too many gabrage and make game to stutter every 7-8 sec on 1,5-2 sec. I use RSS mod, but i have stutters not during the flight, but in the VAB. When i delete Kerbalism stutters is gone... To get more deails about stutters please read this thread You need check to destroy every object you create after use.
  7. Greetings. I have a problem with this mod, someone please help me I try to use a Molten Salt Reactor with a Thermal Electric Generator, and this pair works perfect, but only when im drive the ship where its installed, or when this pair used on the other planet base. When i launch, for example, one or two ships with reactor and generator on board, and then switch to other object - generators stop to producing MW`s and ships die without power. So pity ))). Very upset bahaviour for that great mod . Any suggestion to correct this?
  8. No, im dont dig to the reason of this conflict at least for now )
  9. Im found the cause - this is a mod conflict. Conflict with KerbalKrushSystem mod by Enzo Meertens.
  10. Greetings! I have a problem - when my kerbal go to EVA and then back - Kerbalism mod is crushed and duplicate kerbals. I have two Jebedians instead of one! )) Game partially crashed too and need to be restarted Its soooooo bad