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  1. So I have polar sats over Gael & Iota with resource scanners, but the overlay isn't coming up at all.... am I missing something?.... *Edit: after reading the KSPedia it seems that resources aren't as abundant....I am playing on the hard difficulty, I just didn't expect Gael or Iota to be completely depleted of ore...
  2. @linuxgurugamer Can anything be done with the 'old FAR fairings' to make them work with the stock aero? I like the idea of having to squeeze payload inside a confined, stock space ie 2m, 4m, etc with those petal like structures....
  3. Did you ever get around to eliminating those Objective payouts for the stock contracts? or reducing them to something insignificant ie 1 dollar?
  4. Just installed the pack and getting on for anyone that wants to check it out.
  5. Album = KerbalX =
  6. My second attempt at a KSP cinematic. Took some tips from another Kerbalnaut, lemme know what ya think ^ _ ^
  7. Hey thanks for the pointers. Song was just a stock Youtube Track; had to replace Hans Zimmer.
  8. What's the best video editing software? Any tips?
  9. Didn't see this section of the forums so I cross-posted over here; any tips or suggestions would be welcomed.
  10. Made a quick tutorial video for Installing Mods; hopefully it's helpful. It's the second video I've ever edited; tips & suggestions for more tutorials are welcomed.