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  1. So I launched an Atlas V 411 with a satellite to KEO in stock, and it went amazing. Loving the work you're doing @CobaltWolf
  2. They totally help! for me it's more about aligning things the same on the ground as in flight, so it's really helpful when I'm building a station module or something to know where zenith is and to have everything else lined up accordingly. I think you're right on the docking ports angle snapping, it was more of an orientation of spacecraft on my part that it helps with.
  3. I totally missed this! Yeah, just like the ones on the Apollo mission docking modules. I'm a bit obsessive with my docking rotation orientation and love the target to help me align straight . Thanks for taking suggestions, this is defiantly my most used mod
  4. Personally I would love docking targets as an independent part. I feel like it would work well with other mods, and could probably use the existing texture sheets.
  5. Personally I set force roll to 180º for climb and turn, keep acceleration between 15 and 17 m/s^2 and throttle over 66%. I also use smart parts for staging and turning on the gimbal for the SSME's at 3% fuel levels in the SRB/LRB's. The biggest help though was getting control surface toggle and using it to turn off everything except the second flap on the rudder, which you have to do manually, this keeps MechJeb from getting into a feedback loop. Hopefully this is helpful.
  6. There's TAC fuel balancer that works well for maintaining a set CoM through fuel management.
  7. I sent an email to SpaceDock's support, so hopefully they'll be able to find the problem.
  8. Is there a different link available? SpaceDock keeps giving me a 404.