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  1. The problem was my re-entry orbit height. I lowered it to a circular 100km, then made my braking burn and it worked flawlessly! As Nazari mentioned, keeping the nose up does actually seem to have some effect. I think I could have made it nose first, but for whatever reason, when I raised the nose the heat bars all started to shrink.
  2. Hello everyone! First off I just want to say that this mod is a work of art. It's one of my favorites and I've been using it since the original release. I used to be able to land the shuttle no problem, but now I'm wondering if anyone can give me a tip on how to get through the atmosphere. On re-entry I'm never able to keep the pitch of the shuttle high enough to let the ablation surfaces on the bottom absorb the heat. I loose my ailerons, then my wings, then the nose-cone... then I revert to a save and try again. What is the proper re-entry procedure in terms of heat management??? Again, thanks so much for this mod! I'll turn heat damage off if it means the difference, but I want to be legit!
  3. Thanks, long time Kerbal player, first time poster, lol. I meant a suggestion for a possible source of my trouble I was picking up what you were laying down!
  4. Deimos, don't have that one installed. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  5. Great work Proot! I've been using your mod since way back at KSP 0.Whenever and it is consistently one of my favorites. No complaints, no bugs to report, just wanted to say THANKS!
  6. No worries! I'm sure you will figure it out. I've not even been to Duna yet, so no rush, lol. Is it normal to like trying out new mods more than playing the actual game? Had the same problem with Skyrim!
  7. I'm having the same issue @Sigma88. Solar panel output reads "-Infinity" and no power is generated even with the generator turned on. I thought at first that it was a conflict with AmpYear, but even after I uninstalled AmpYear and tried again it still was the same. Other than that epic work!