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  1. Sincere apologies for the bump, but, I've good news, and bad news. Good news; Most parts are functional in 1.6.x Bad news; The parts that don't work are the radial-attach parts, in my testing, the rest seem to work, the aforementioned throw a "Exception: NullreferenceException: ObjectReference not set to an instance of an object" I've attempted to fix the nullreferenceexception through .cfg edits and recompiles of the models, but, that's yielded no results thusfar. Looking forward to when an official/semi-official fix is out, it'll be nice to screw around with this again at some point, although I know it's a low likelihood that it'll be possible to do so with Fengist having, for the mostpart, left the KSP/KSP Modding scene.
  2. Is there any chance of a "Stock" 7.62mm Minigun in the future? I've tried making my own by just copying and editing the vulcan's part file, but, I couldn't math the relative size out, and even when I did, it ended up not working.
  3. Just tested, mod is 1.6 compatible, although there may be some issues I haven't run into yet.
  4. You guys remember the old InfiniteDice combat mod?

    Part of me wonders what the license on it was, and if it's possible for anybody else to maintain it, because in my opinion, it was a bit better than BDArmory, at least in terms of going in-depth with part damage, considering there  could be fires started from incendiary ammunition.

    1. Xd the great

      Xd the great

      yes you can probably do so WITH THE PERMISSION ON THE MOD MAKER ONLY, they have the following licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

  5. By the way, I'm unaware if you're taking requests/suggestions for new parts, but a rounded wingtip much like the one that exists in the original Procedural wings (Maybe with less squishing when trying to make a shorter one) would most likely go a long way.
  6. How goes it, gents? Just a bump and wishing Jebman luck on the update to 1.5. Love this mod, can't live without it.
  7. Just checking before I end up making false bug reports; This works in the current version of the game due to KSPwheel being up to date, correct?
  8. Will there be any support for the MH suit soon? It seems to just be in T-Pose and off in the corner when accessing inventory.
  9. There seems to be odd stutter when using PRE, I'm not particularly sure why. My range is set to 25km, even at lower ranges (Including 1km) the stutter persists.