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  1. For me, this issue appears on each decouple, dock/undock, part destroyed. I've got only core versions of GC and CC and a full IFS and B9, if I install full versions of GC\CC, that issue become even worse. :<
  2. @NemesisBosseret I've installed same mods manually and have the same issue W/o Kopernicus Added Kopernicus and Flight Integrator Even w\o planet and terrain packs
  3. Well, I can try to install all manually But that's a hell bunch of a mods... Usually, I'm too lazy... But in terms of testing, I'll do a full manual installation. CYA in few hours Just to clarify, can I use mods downloaded by CKAN for manual installation, or should I download them manually too?
  4. I'm curious, might it be an issue similar to that? https://www.reddit.com/r/CitiesSkylinesModding/comments/2zk3ys/bordercities_2_edge_detection_done_right/cpjnweb/ Because it was quite same, without many mods you didn't notice any performance impact, but with heavy mod load order it was terrible...
  5. Sure https://www.dropbox.com/s/fvwhmlgz53zfa1t/output_log.txt?dl=0 But as I said that exception doesn't spam, only appears once I switch scene to KSC. Maybe because I've installed two planet mods OPM and Kerbol Origins. FPS problem looks, like Kopernicus uses some memory chunk for some math, but that chunk used by other mods too and that's why the more mods you have, the more drop you get. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. When I install Kopernicus on my heavy modded game, it locks 16.2 FPS at KSC screen. It's perfectly fine with clean install, but if I add more mods like USI, NF, B9 etc. the more mods I add, the more FPS drop I get, but even with all 160+ mods installed and w/o Kopernicus I still get 60 FPS at KSC. VAB/SPH, flight and Tracking station scenes are fine even with all mods + Kopernicus. That's not critical, but pretty annoying :< I've checked logs, the only thing about Kopernicus I see is: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at K
  7. Will this words come true now?
  8. Yeah, I know about OPM, I was curious about combination with KASE. I will check Galactic Neighborhood, thanks in advise.
  9. Is there possibility to add mod update date in CKAN and ability sort by that date? Because now it's hard to find out which mods got updates, well, some of them go to "New in repository" even if they got updated from 1.0.5 to 1.1.2, but not all of them. And AmpYear ResearchBodies and Real Scale Boosters got updates.
  10. I'm not sure, where to ask about SpaceDock, but since CKAN is using it for DLs, I'll ask here. The thing is, that I can't update a few mods through CKAN, for example KSPI-E, and when I try to download it with browser I get the same 404 error. But when I use ZenMate(proxy) download is ok, I'm getting different URLs for download. For KSPI-E I get this URL: http://cdn.spacedock.info/FreeThinker_517/KSP_Interstellar_Extended/KSP_Interstellar_Extended-1.8.21.zip without proxy and that leads to 404 but with proxy I get spacedock.info/mod/172/KSP%20Interstellar%20Extended/download/1.8.
  11. Oh, I found out what happened. CKAN downloaded full archive but didn't install TechTreesPlugin for some reason. With manual extraction it's working fine.
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