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  1. Well, the problem is that I am not going to touch Starship for a while. I have many things on my roadmap I would like to finish first. Starship revamp will come later.
  2. Check my roadmap. Currently I’m not planning to make those. I need more info as these things are still possible to change.
  3. I removed the Mk3. Please don't use these parts as I will remove them from the mod completely in the next update. Currently they are depreciated. They can only be activated with an old craft file.
  4. Check my roadmap. It is there but not something that will be done within the next few months.
  5. Extended fairings are planned by SpaceX. But so far I haven't seen them IRL so I will not make them atm. Starship revamp is planned. But I am waiting for another presentation or when Starship is orbital before I will revamp it.
  6. Work continues as I have started revamping the Mothra 1 launcher. Today, I finished the Marlin 1C engine!
  7. I notice that you have HabTech twice in your install, one of which is the entire github entry. Also I see a GameData folder inside your Gamedata folder? Please make sure your install is correct. Apart from your PC specs I suspect something is really broken in your install. You should really pay good attention how you install the mods. Please read this:
  8. I guess a mod adds the smoke but I have no clue which mod causes this. Your install is too big for me to troubleshoot.
  9. I can take a look at it. I don't really understand. But the textures are assigned in Unity and don't need any references in the configs.
  10. There should never be version numbers in your GameData folder. Make sure that you have put the right folder from the zip inside your Gamedata folder. In most zip files you will find a GameData folder. INSIDE that folder is the one you have to copy to your KSP/GameData folder. Also please make sure you only have ModuleManager.x.x.x.dll in your GameData folder and not the whole master folder.
  11. Currently Mk4 uses a stock IVA which only has a limit amount of seats. Sadly I can't change this.
  12. Tundra Exploration V3.3 is out! Version 3.3.0 - Fixed soot on Block 5 texture to match with the new Mk2 KRE leg. - Updated craft files - Deprecated Mk3 Gojira (2018 Starship) - Mk3 Gojira fin is still available - Fixed pipes clipping with vac engine on Mk4 SN9 variant - Fixed attachment node on SN leg - Added new parts to subcats - Updated Gojiras body variant text - Added SN8 nose cone to RCS switch - Fixed Ghidorah Heavy nosecone raceway - Fixed gimbal range on Kingfish booster (Mk4 Gojira) - Fixed soot texture on Block 4 Interstage - Fixed Ghidorah Heavy nosecon
  13. Open the zip, go inside the GameData folder (that is in the zip). There you see 2 folders. Those 2 should be in your KerbalSpaceProgram/Gamedata folder.
  14. Version 2.9.1 is out which has 2 small fixes: - Fixed the Mk2 model to make it more flush with the part - Added Large Mk2 leg
  15. So far just for the 2.5m tank. I haven't tested the other sizes yet.
  16. Version 2.9.0 is out! I added a brand new Mk2 leg based on the Falcon 9 Block 5 leg. Many thanks to @DylanSemrau for helping with shaping this leg! Download links in the OP. Happy landings!
  17. I'm still a bit confused what is going on. Do you have any ingame screenshots of errors etc? Did you put the 2 folders in the GameData folder and not the whole zip?
  18. Uhm, so far we don't know anything about what SpaceX will do. I am waiting for an official presentation and not going to make stuff based off fan renders. About the Lunar Starship, same logic. I will wait for more information. It should be on ckan? I don't use ckan myself but it should be on there!
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