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  1. yes i had them installed. i got it fixed, because it wasnt just this mod, but your krash mod as well... i re-installed the 2 dependencies AGAIN. and it fixed it this time. idk what the issue was, if i had one out of date or what. but i got it working now
  2. @linuxgurugamer what button do i press to open up that info window? i click the icon and it starts displaying the visuals, but the info window doesnt popup. daguy told me it was right click. but that has not worked. i tried a stock install as well. so i feel im just not pressing the right button
  3. can a part fail if its not on the focused vessel? so say, my relay sats. can i just be launching a sat, and all the sudden a relay isnt working anymore?
  4. @Angel-125 hey, do kerbals with the BadS perk not use food?... Daguyaboveyou is having an issue where the readout is saying indefinite on all his craft, and someone in twitch chat said it was because of the perk. just trying to confirm. if not. he will likely send log file and what not, cause we couldnt figure out any other reason for it to read like that.
  5. soooo i totally thought i had an up to date module manager... checking if that was the issue now okay. issue still happens. will have to get yall log later. gotta head to bed, work early.
  6. So. i have tried both the dev branch, and stable release, with the same issue every time. every time i try to open the build list, this happens: im on 1.6.1... a couple have said they got it working there but idk how. everything i have tried has led to this glitched window. here is my mod list lazily screenshotted rather than typed out. help? please? really want this, nothing takes its place, and all i can see at this point is to wait for an update, official or not.
  7. oh ok. thanks for takin a look :D. if it crashed, want me to load ksp back up and see if maybe it works now?
  8. Ah darn, keep forgetting you havent tested with MH. yes, im using the exspansion. and yea, i figured thats how it worked, but didnt appear to be updating, plus the whole not saving it being purchased bit. And im sure this release wasnt easy per se. I appreciate all the effort ya put in . Anyways, here is a zip with my log file, and a link to the vod, should direct you to the correct time in the vod, just before i found the issue
  9. @Ger_space So, in my career i set up pads, and set them to 100k open cost.... when in the vab, i select it, purchase it, it takes the money.... and in the kk menu it says its bought, but the stock menu doesnt list it. then, when i select it as launch site and hit launch, it loads, then says launch failed. i go back into vab, and its no longer listed as purchased, but i dont have my money back. Happened on stream, can link the VOD if you want to see for yourself per request.(i say per request as otherwise it feels like im plugging my stream, which isnt my intention.)
  10. @Eskandare Some of the old round range statics are still there, underneath the new ones. a couple need to be removed
  11. would you mind sharing the files for that setup of KSC? :O