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  1. ahhhh ok. thanks ooooooh even better
  2. Is it still planned to come out this weekend, or am i getting my hopes up relying on that?.... or did work start on it this weekend, and its taking longer than im thinking. AS FAR AS I KNOW. You just need to make sure it still works with its dependencies right? no rebalances or anything going on right? NOTE: this isnt me rushing you, take all the time you need.... im just more of curious as to what the process is for updating it at the moment
  3. does this work in 1.3? idc about an update atm, just wanna know if it works in its current state.
  4. but it DOES work? just after the update, likely will break current stuff?
  5. anyone know if strategia still works in 1.3? just want to know if it works. not really asking for the update. that will come in due time im sure
  6. swear to god i tried that and nothing, but now i ask for help, and do it to double check, and it works XD. Thanks sigma. I guess i needed it on the upper node, AND some other fixes i tried... idk what ones, but its working. thanks.
  7. Okay, can someone please explain how to use :AFTER properly, because i cant see any issue with what im doing. but it does nothing to the node im trying to edit. @TechTree:NEEDS[AirplanePlus] { @RDNode:HAS[#id[bigPlanes]]:AFTER[STT_Core] { @id = TEST @title = TEST @description = Rocket Engines that use Liquid Hydroned and oxygen to run and provide much greater eficiency. @cost = 100 @hideEmpty = False @nodeName = node60_TEST @anyToUnlock = False @icon = RDicon_rocketry-advanced @pos = 0,0,0 @scale = 0.6 !Parent,* {} Parent { parentID = betterEngines lineFrom = RIGHT lineTo = LEFT } } } Location of mod im trying to edit: C:\...\Desktop\Folders\KSP\Installs\STT Testing\GameData\STT_Core This Patch: C:\...\Desktop\Folders\KSP\Installs\STT Testing\GameData\STT_ModSupport and yes, airplane plus is installed
  8. Duley noted. I have considered it, but have not yet figured out how i wanted to support it. I plan to do so in the long run, but its on the back burner for the time being.
  9. HEY! sorry for such a dead end on my end guys, as well as a huge sorry for not getting that update out with integrations. Had a lot going on from my end, along with a lot of PC issues that halted me for a while. We are finishing up work on adding Airplane+ and then I will post an update after that. @tklenke Ill work on getting a github post up shortly after i release the next update. I appreciate any and all assistance in adding support for mods, though do note i will run passes over any community additions to make sure they conform to our current balance, and idea for the tech tree's organization.
  10. yes Geffects is a mod, as you found out. and yes, it was with only a mk1 pod. i knew sstu did nothing to the pod, but neither does g effects as far as i know... all it should do it make g's more realistic, and give the black out and redout effect when g's are effecting the kerbal. and its a difference of 60+ fps to a struggle for 20 for me. So maybe the issue has multiple parts to it. hardware, maybe other mods(will try and test further tomorrow[stock install with SSTU and Geffects, then slowly adding. also that plugin idea]) and ill try and post something to the GIT sometime tomorrow when i got time.
  11. i repeat. log would be useless.... i read through it all, with no errors, ksp doesnt even know its having an issue..... and again, i tested with the stock mk1 command pod... i already tested stock things with similar amount of parts... 1 part... the issue is not related to part count. its the weirdest issue i have seen in any game/mod, wont be easy to find the issue, but i figured shadow should know it existed. And as a programmer i know you cant magically find the issue, but sometimes you dont have enough feedback to find out how to fix it.... its part of the hobby/job.... best he can do is run both mods at the same time himself, and try to make ksp output a more detailed log(like crash logs) and that MAY show him something, but the in game logs show nothing wrong. If he doesnt get the issue. then im lost for words, worst issue to ever happen.... XD
  12. yes i checked the log, nothing was giving off errors. and its likely a SSTU issue, because the game runs fine with G-Effects in, its just when G-effects and SSTU are both in at the same time. And I have no issue with SSTU without G effects, the low part count helps a lot.... i was saying that the issue was when they were both installed. Things i checked: Logs - no errors at all parts - 1, stock mk1 command pod the issue only appears when G effects is added was testing with a brand new save, and 100% fresh ksp install. (thought i had posted this stuff, guess i forgot to, my bad.)
  13. SSTU doesnt like G-Effects It lowers my fps majorly
  14. I havent had any issues with it. the antenna are early enough to where you can do some sounding rockets with just probe antenna control, and then use that science to unlock antenna for further control. Sorry for the late reply btw, been really busy recently. NOTE: i will likely be releasing the next version in a day or two with some mod integration. Its taken so long as i have been stubborn in trying to get IR working with it, but with no luck for so long, im just going to release it. But its gonna take a bit as I had to format, and i have to grab everything from my external drive where ksp is, and then remake a few things. Thanks to those who have bared with me and my stubborness.