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  1. Hi sorry for the vagueness. I'm running out of fuel. I did have to add a new protective shell as the old one showed just blue lines in the VAB where it should be. Could that be a cause for the initial fuel problems? Plus on a control point, I've found that after detaching the lifter near LKO the cupola module is unstable and struggles to remain balanced and settle when using SAS. Should the reaction wheel be brought online after decoupling the lifter stage? Cheers...........MadJock
  2. @Raptor9 I was just getting back into KSP since the latest update and thought I'd try some of your Porpoise stuff A - D and was wondering if something had changed since you designed it and the update as I'm struggling to get the HLV-5A to the Mun. I've even watched your YouTube vid ( ) multiple times to see if I'm missing something but I don't think so. Any ideas or tips? Cheers.........MadJock
  3. Hi, was reinstalling KSP on a new PC after a wee break from the game and CKAN doesn't show the B9 files.It took a while but I found that was because KSP is now on 1.3.1 and the Max KSP Version is 1.3.0 Could I still install them and be ok or should I wait until the Mod is updated and available through CKAN again? Thanks in advance MadJock
  4. @danielboro I didn't think I had a problem until CKAN flagged it up. I'm just using AutomatedScienceSampler and DMagic now and all seems ok. Cheers
  5. Sorry if this has been posted before but a search came up fruitless. I'm using CKAN and I got an exception error highlighting DMOS is conflicting with ForScience. Is this a known issue?
  6. Hi guys, not sure if this is posted in the right place so forgive me if it's not. My issue is I'm now getting an error and my SSTO won't load up in my SPH due to it saying I'm missing a part called the Life Support minipack. I wasn't aware I'd installed any life support mods however if I have what mods include this minipack or what do you think I'm missing? Cheers.........MadJock
  7. It is in an elliptical orbit of Minmus but only had 1 scientist in. I'm still a noob and had all my other scientists out in other orbits. I best recruit more.
  8. Hi all, can someone enlighten me as to how the lab (once full of data) then empties that data to allow me to input more? My current lab has 743.943 out of 750 data stored and it's being processed at 5.0216sci / day. I'm not seeing that 743 figure go down so I can add more. Is there something I'm missing? Cheers.............MadJock