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  1. Ah, nevermind, now it's showing up. Not sure why it didn't before. Maybe because I quit and restarted.
  2. Recently redownloaded my KSP install after not playing for a long time. Have the two DLCs. but otherwise unmoded. I've been looking at some videos on youtube and noticed something called autostrut that seems to help with craft stability. I started looking into it, searched the forum even and saw that you have to turn on a setting to use them. I turned on the advanced tweakables option and I can see the other option, rigid attachment, but the autostrut doesn't show up. Any idea why I can't see it?
  3. I managed to "solve" the issue (I'm able to take off at least now) by downloading the portable version of the game instead of the installer and running that without going through the launcher. I don't use Steam. So the version I installed with the Windows installer is broken, but the plain 1.1.0 download from the store seems to work,
  4. I'm having a problem where the steerable landing gear on my planes overstresses at the slightest touch, preventing me from launching planes. This happens in both x32 and x64, in Windows. I couldn't accelerate planes at all on the lvl 1 runway, as it was so bumpy that it immediately exploded. Even on the lvl 2 runway as soon as a plane reaches about 100 m/s it overstresses and explodes. Latest attempt the landing gear overstressed as soon as the plane was placed on the runway, before I even started the engines. Any clues what I might be doing wrong, or if anyone else experienced that? Planes are very simple, 30 parts only.
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