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  1. Are you fixed crash without crash error when placing object in VAB ? Here is the problem: https://media.giphy.com/media/xT1XGI3aeYSy1wMnQI/giphy.gif
  2. i am computer engineer so i know this is a difficult proccess but 3 months seems too much for me. I can say that because i never waited a "fix patch" for 3 months in other games. I maybe getting angry on my last posts, sorry for that also
  3. 3 months past and they do nothing about the problem. so YES i can say that they are sleeping.
  4. Installed Windows 10 pro 64x , i still have the problem (was windows 7). ARE SQUAD TEAM IS SLEEPING? i can't play the game for 3 months
  5. problem still happening. Developers are sleeping i guess. I paid the game and i cant play.
  6. Thank you for the information. I hope they fix the problem after the break
  7. Guys, do you have any news about the problem?
  8. i don't have enough knowledge about pc ram locations
  9. ETA is not specified. They just aware the issue.
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