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  1. planet-creations

    Derail this Thread

  2. planet-creations

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because of space being dangerous.
  3. planet-creations

    Flat Kerbin Society

    That's my boi Kerbin. Is. Round.
  4. planet-creations

    Destroy a Space Mission

    There was not enough fuel, so it immediately falls down and burns up in the atmosphere. Kerbals recently sent an interplanetary spaceship, hoping they could go far.
  5. planet-creations

    Derail this Thread

    I think I just heard a meteor crashing into a house.
  6. planet-creations

    Flat Kerbin Society

    I wasn't talking about the button. I was talking about similarities.
  7. planet-creations

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because in this case, it's how long it takes for light to travel in a Kerbin year.
  8. planet-creations

    Flat Kerbin Society

    No, wrong kind of round. I was talking about spherical objects. LIKE ME!
  9. planet-creations

    Flat Kerbin Society

    Gravity does exist. How else would things fall to the ground? I think you meant round.
  10. planet-creations

    Ban the user above you!

    1. Banned because Kerbals have expanded far into space. 2. Banned because it actually said that it was a million light-years away.
  11. planet-creations

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for being a million light-years away from kerbin.
  12. planet-creations

    Flat Kerbin Society

    Flat Disk: (or any flat object in general) At the center: Pretty normal gravity. Move away from the center: Skewed gravity. Round Objects: (i don't even have to give an example) Move anywhere: Normal gravity. Even at the poles or equator. see the difference?
  13. planet-creations

    Flat Kerbin Society

    Nah m8. If Kerbin was flat, any Munar eclipses would sometimes be completely covered, and other times it will be a complete line shadowing the Mun. Munar eclipses are ALWAYS full. That's proof that Kerbin is round, and the KSC has even check on the facts and orbits. Ya see now? I think i really need to stop using bold and italic text together