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  1. Now introducing... KERBAL WEATHER! yay This mod adds weather to every planet that has an atmosphere! This mod affects: Eve - The planet now has high winds, lightning and thunder storms, and lots and lots of explodium precipitation! Kerbin - The planet now has approx. 49% cloud coverage, with water precipitation and moderate storm activity! Duna - The planet now has approx. 11% cloud coverage, with dust storms that blow across the surface of the planet. Jool - The almighty gaseous planet now has actual green clouds instead of the texture! However, that is only if you're at most 7,000 meters above it! The spacecraft will still be destroyed at -250 meters however. Laythe - This moon now has approx. 34% cloud coverage, with water precipitation and mild storm activity! Kerbol - The almighty star now has a solar wind, and occasional Kerbol flares and coronal mass ejections coming from its surface! There are also prominences that can be seen with a very low light exposure! There are very few bugs that have been uninvited however. Entering the upper atmosphere of Jool causes the spacecraft to start spinning in a violent manner, causing 90% of the spacecraft to explode. By this point, Hell Kraken strikes, and the spacecraft is sent out into a high Kerbol orbit. Landing on Eeloo seems to be fairly normal, but when you go below a specific altitude, it begins acting as if there is a noticeable atmosphere on the dwarf planet. Moho's radius has been set to -1.J#950345.4-34903 kilometers when viewed in the tracking station, but is set to its normal value, or 250 kilometers, when viewed in the orbital map. This mod is available for download on SpaceDock and CurseForge! Download link:
  2. Banned for not saying you are banned.
  3. Banned because Abraham Kerman just blew up that spaceplane 8 minutes ago.
  4. Banned for not being in Hazy Maze Cave to retrieve that one Star I was originally after.
  5. RealBallKerboomx3? What in the name of Kerbol?
  6. loof (brain.exe has stopped functioning lol)
  7. lobster (i'm running out of names to put here lmao)
  8. Banned because esrever ni si txet siht.
  9. Banned for just realizing Kerbin wasn't the original homeworld 2 billion years ago.
  10. Don't worry, just add a little bit of annoyance into it. Waiter, there's a living meme in my soup!
  11. Banned for banning someone who double banned a double ban. Also banned for ninja'ing me earlier.