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  1. planet-creations

    Fun Kerbal names!

    French Kerman.
  2. planet-creations

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 4,939: In here, you will see a TV playing a VHS tape of recovered Munar footage from a long-forgotten expedition, and there is a button in front of the TV. Touch said button, and you will see a hole open up in the corner. Walk under it, and it will drag you into Floor 4,940.
  3. planet-creations

    Derail this Thread

    I think the long list of Kerbal names I made a while ago must have made achievements.
  4. planet-creations

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. People posted about the revival of the trees on Kerbin. I wish I went on the Kerbal XX space station.
  5. planet-creations

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for banning something for someone. Banned because it doesn't matter how you say it.
  6. planet-creations

    Fun Kerbal names!

    breathes in breathes out Behold, my list of fun and stupid kerbal names! Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Kerman. Laptop Kerman. Minmus Kerman. Ihavenoideawhyiexistinapainfultormentfulworld Kerman. Impossible Kerman. Meme Kerman. Stupid Kerman. Earthisgonnadieinfivebillionyearsandwearegonnadieandbesideskerbinisgonnasharethesamefateprettysoonamirightguysokgoodbye Kerman. sans kerman. (Idea From Undertale) Kerman Kerman. Kerbal Kerman. Bug Kerman. Fly Kerman. Moth Kerman. Beetle Kerman. Human Kerman. Guy Kerman. Girl Kerman. Man Kerman. Woman Kerman. Gender Kerman. Font Kerman. Size Kerman. ♂ Kerman. ♀ Kerman. Upgrade Kerman. Ohnogobackrightnowisaidgobackohmygodwhenwillyouletmegobackohgodmyparentsarehereturnoffturnoffcomeonwhywon'tyouworkyoustupiddevice Kerman. YouTube Kerman. Google Kerman. Bing Kerman. Yahoo Kerman. Ask Kerman. Roblox Kerman. Undertale Kerman. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Kerman. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Kerman. Thequickbrownfoxjumpsoverthelazydog Kerman. Name Kerman. Planet Kerman. Moon Kerman. Star Kerman. Rocket Kerman. Spaceship Kerman. Book Kerman. Internet Kerman. Topic Kerman. Natural Kerman. Nature Kerman. Artificial Kerman. Lol Kerman. Yes Kerman. No Kerman. Movie Kerman. Game Kerman. Fan_ofdangerdolanandallthewritersandvoiceactorsandanimatorsonthechannelbecauseeveryonedeservesequalcreditaskswhydoesadogstickitstongueout Kerman. Math Kerman. Science Kerman. Language Kerman. History Kerman. World Kerman. Seeker Kerman. Hider Kerman. Hammer Kerman. Mallet Kerman. Computer Kerman. Tablet Kerman. Phone Kerman. Console Kerman. Bottle Kerman. Can Kerman. Mouse Kerman. Cat Kerman. Dog Kerman. Sponge Kerman. Starfish Kerman. Pocket Kerman. Edible Kerman. Fragile Kerman. Territory Kerman. Risk Kerman. Paper Kerman. Parchment Kerman. Papyrus Kerman. Pencil Kerman. Quill Kerman. Reed Kerman. Feather Kerman. Chair Kerman. Stool Kerman. Table Kerman. Desk Kerman. Light Kerman. Dark Kerman. Iamrunningoutofnamestoputhere Kerman. Lego Kerman. K'nex Kerman. Piano Kerman. Cello Kerman. Guitar Kerman. Drum Kerman. Trash Kerman. Garbage Kerman. Junk Kerman. Art Kerman. Music Kerman. Cookie Kerman. Food Kerman. Drink Kerman. Draw Kerman. Write Kerman. Right Kerman. Left Kerman. Wrong Kerman. Penny Kerman. Nickel Kerman. Dime Kerman. Quarter Kerman. Dollar Kerman. Shoe Kerman. Foot Kerman. Sock Kerman. Baldi Kerman. Artsandcrafters Kerman. It'sabully Kerman. Playtime Kerman. Principalofthething Kerman. Filename2 Kerman. Firstprize Kerman. Cloudycopter Kerman. Mountain Kerman. Valley Kerman. Land Kerman. Water Kerman. Air Kerman. Hack Kerman. Exploit Kerman. Phish Kerman. Pharm Kerman. Hot Kerman. Cold Kerman. Spaceplane Kerman. Kerbalspaceprogram Kerman. Munorbust Kerman. Dice Kerman. Cuphead Kerman. Mugman Kerman. Calamaria Kerman. Kingdice Kerman. Yomamasostupidthatshethoughtbendywasabendystraw Kerman. Joke Kerman. Pun Kerman. Floor Kerman. Ceiling Kerman. Wall Kerman. Bed Kerman. Ruler Kerman. Tag Kerman. Towel Kerman. Ihaveofficiallyrunoutofnamestoputonthislistsothereyouhaveitfolks Kerman. I'll stop here. breathes in again breathes out again That is a planet sized list of random Kerbal names i placed here. Goodbye!!!!!!!!! lol
  7. planet-creations

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 4,936 is where you will meet a miniature version of the planet Kerbin. Touch it, and you will ascend to Floor 4,937.
  8. planet-creations

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    Waiter, there's a Minmus in my soup! I wanna eat it! Don't worry, the real one's still out there orbiting Kerbin. aka me
  9. planet-creations

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for letting me write in comic sans.
  10. planet-creations

    Improve and Help Advance The Space Program

    So I opened up a new space program yesterday. I came up with a good plan for advancements, and I have worked on upgrading the space program until it is fully functional and is publicly open for use. Place your newest addition to the space program please. (the next person down the line may continue) Added a basic VAB.
  11. planet-creations

    Derail this Thread

    Wait, what about the oceans again? I think it would be nice to SEA what was going on. Get it? Sea? No? Ok.
  12. planet-creations

    Derail this Thread

    I think the fate of my planet must probably lie in the hands of the Precursor species.
  13. planet-creations

    Ban the user above you!

    banned for using comic sans. oh wait.
  14. planet-creations

    Derail this Thread