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  1. Planet 1: Carina, a Kerbin-sized world that's habitable and has 10 small dwarf moons. Orbits Star A, a K-type main sequence star, in a binary system with a brown dwarf. Planet 2: AS-P2435, an artificial planet composed entirely of high-durability metals. Located at Kerbin's L1 Lagrange point.
  2. honestly same, i can't really pilot rockets or any spaceships at all Also, no, i am BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB TUBM likes Among Us
  3. Kerbal Krazy. TUBM has a built-in Nintendo 64 module on their space station.
  4. Granted, you have programmed using the C programming language. I wish for a Nintendo 64 port of KSP.
  5. Replace all strings of text with "aeo" and nothing else.
  6. Thanks for the follow!

    Have one back! :)

  7. In the future, is there going to be a thing where you can right-click on a part of the surface map to copy/paste/whatever it? Or a thing that disables the latitude/longitude markers? Just curious.
  8. Banned for not not unlocking the don't-click.
  9. Yes, very incredible and amazing, especially for a black hole
  10. So you know how KSP was first compiled in 2010, with the Kerbal name being inspired from tin figurines in modified fireworks? I feel like the design of the little green men are also inspired by those same figurines...
  11. Just installed Scatterer and EVE. It looks awesome.

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    2. planet-creations


      I might need to set up some stuff with EVE, Scatterer looks really nice

    3. VoidCosmos
    4. VoidCosmos
  12. yUS TUBM generates random kerbals on occasion
  13. mubmub TUBM doesn't finish sente
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