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  1. Because you forgot to deploy an elite squadron of Kerbals to the undisclosed location in the secret facility. Why does A?
  2. Banned for not having a dash in your username.
  3. Banned for banning a person with an equal like-to-post ratio.
  4. Vroom vroom all 'round town, yo! TUBM has gotten lost inside SCP-3008 once.
  5. Granted. Your wish has granted even more wishes, and those wishes will continue to grant ever more wishes, until the universe is full of wishes and crashes due to stack overflow. I wish for an additional room in my house.
  6. Nope, sadly TUBM has been curious about at least one part of KSP's lore sometime in the past.
  7. I enjoy the piano! Such a beautiful instrument. TUBM is in orbit around a random planet.
  8. Granted. All of the polygons that make up the models are now jumbled together, resulting in a chaotic mess. I wish I had some chicken with me at this moment.
  9. Granted. It came in all of the individual atoms. I wish for more cheese.
  10. Granted, you have obtained SCP-860. I wish for a quantum supercomputer.
  11. Granted, but all of the pizzas are now contaminated with plutonium-238 I wish to complete sente
  12. Banned because I sometimes don't finish sente
  13. Granted. Squad somehow managed to patch themselves out of existence for some unknown reason. I wish for a very long fuel tank.
  14. a[-sdktjhiwrkg[;jgnjir;psjeh;oiawszfnog;htl, a planet orbiting the star e0fiogr0p24iep;ld.fjgnp[ih0-iwjeo;lsgdjfok;ht. Diameter: 2gr0bfehwinjl3qi;wrugnij0hp;wfi kilometers Mass: 3gu-jq3ywrb-gjnhj0p3i5wy0apgrsfmb;ongjie;hrg kilograms Number of Moons: aie0sjprljh53y[40 gdo;lthji34 wie9gm o;etjh0[p;wijesg
  15. Banned for not infiltrating the secret organization.
  16. Granted. The tank shuts down the second it fires from its cannon. I wish for a new batch of trees in my yard.
  17. Indeed I do lol TUBM so guys ki what kgf sifjns cgne vnsda >
  18. I shifted the texture a little bit to get this. Other than that, I'd say it looks neat! (Apologies for being extremely late)
  19. Banned for initiating a fourfold ban.
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