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  1. Sorry for going dark, been really sick the last couple of days. On a fresh save with the same mods I cheated up 100 rep for regular funds and left it on timewarp. Everything's working as expected. Haven't been able to replicate the issue of all construction in the queue freezing either. Thanks so much for fixing this; I hope I didn't come across as pushy (I have trouble gauging tone) I only posted in the first place becuase I didn't know if there was already a simple fix or workaraound at the time.
  2. Thanks for clarifying all that. I guess hydroponics might have some use to reduce the amount of T4 you have to pack when you go interplanetary, but not much else (also it’s unclear as to if hydro is per-body like the ground stuff is). On a related note are shinies just for sending back to Kerbin for funds? I mean it’s completely in-character but I’m mentally sketching out mission priorities. But the main thing is your point above: I’m guessing you’re talking about using EPL and shipping in rocketparts/materialkits/whatever, I get my resources mixed up :x I was looking at that, o
  3. Just found this and it looks right up my alley; it’s easily the most Kerbal concept to resources I’ve seen, and I love those planetary base kits anyway. Just playing around in a 1.8.1 sandbox to get a feel for what mods play nice and how it works; struggling with the lack of information though. Looking over the tutorial I can’t really see the point in orbital greenhouses? Isn’t the tech independent of farming so you’d have to start again as soon as you landed on the same body? Also trying to copy the Mun base but on Minmus for reasons; is there a craft file available because I c
  4. Thanks, been fiddling around a bit as well to try and understand it better. Part of the issue is stock feels useless because there's no bioe map and the narrow band is only helpful when it's exactly over the bit you want to look at. I've got "require narrow band scanner" disabled because I have a feeling that introduces that nonsense, and it looks like this so far: - M700 sweeps are wider and to the nearest integer. - Narrow-band (and by extension any custom mod scanners like karbonite?) are narrower but to 2 dp, so mousing across a sweep I can see it go lo-hi-lo precision. - T
  5. I'm still on 1.8.1 and trying to get my head around ScanSat and how it plays with resource scanning, but I'm having trouble understanding stuff on the wiki. Is it OK to ask here or not becuase it's an older version?
  6. Updated log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7iu779c1s2k8ddn/KSP.log?dl=0 Can enter and leave scenes with no issues, can press the button and it gets added to the queue, but seems to halt all construction (I had a few others pending, set construction to 100% and ran through about 5 or six budget cycles with no progress). It's getting late here so can't really test any more tonight, sorry.
  7. OK, have a link now, spammed the button until I got some more related messages in there: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7iu779c1s2k8ddn/KSP.log?dl=0
  8. Apologies, was unsure if it would help or hinder, I'll sort something out.
  9. OK, got online. When clicking "Upgrade" I get "Can't find facility SpaceCenter/Observatory" I open the log but it's over 36K lines just from game start and that action. I manually searched for Bureaucracy and the only salient lines I found were: On load: [LOG 10:46:32.199] [KCL] malformed version string: 3.0 in directory FlightTracker/Changelog/KERBALCHANGELOG On action: [LOG 10:48:49.957] [Bureaucracy]: Trying to override upgrade button of menu for Observatory I did notice the Facility Manager routine doesn't have a setup call for the observatory like it does
  10. Getting an error with what I presume is OPM (or Kopernicus as the dependency, whichever adds the observatory) where it won’t let me upgrade it when I click in the KSC scene. Can’t remember the exact error message, I’ll check whenever the broadband’s back up so I can get into Steam.
  11. Bit of a crosspost from MOLE here, but I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to MM patch out the docking nodes there as they overwrite the USI ones, and the weld sets the Kraken loose with them. Playing on 1.8.1, Konstruction 1.3 from CKAN and the latest WBI from Github. Edit: Sorted it, clean MM and Konstruction install, I'm an idiot.
  12. I'm not exaclty sure where to look with this, but struggling to make sense of the science mechanics here. It's part of a larger issue with trying to find a modset that works well for me (currenltly using the WBI and USI stuff mainly, but USI-LS even though most of the WBI parts don't allow supplies). At any rate I have a MOLE up in LKO loaded with the four experiments it has availible, but I'm not clear on the process: - Once finished can they be transferred to a pod/Tarsier SSD/science crate or do they need to go into a WBI part configured for science (have a Coach 500 on the downmas
  13. Playing around with new mods on my 1.8.1 save but trying to keep part bloat down manually. Do the science drives work any diferently to the stock science container?
  14. Want to actually get into satellite and relay stuff in KSP but don't like the amount of abstraction in stock CommNet. Having trouble catching up with all the different threads and posts how does this mod play with RemoteTech in 1.8/1.9?
  15. Just installed 1.8.1 to get back in with some mods, only using CKAN for my sanity. Was OPM support for this mod lost at some point? Couldn't see the ribbons in either mod folder so copied them in from an old save I had. No idea if it'll work.
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