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  1. hi, I need help with installing or setting up procedural wings. i'm running KSP x64 1.1 and have two mods installed (mechjeb and Engineering redux). and that was with ckan and they are up to date. I've tried installing the Procedural.Wings.v0.11 and then the B9_Aerospace_PP-040 but cannot get them to work. i can see the parts and clip them to my aircraft but i cannot configure them (using the T, G, B, keys and mouse or right clicking or using the "J" key) after attaching the wing to my air craft. I've followed the install steps in the readme.md and .txt's, rebooted and even reinstalled the game completely. Yet i'm still unable to edit the wings after attaching. please help!? thank you!
  2. Sorry but, How do you install this mod? I've downloaded it and put it in my gamedata folder but didn't work. i can see the parts (wings and control surfaces) but cannot make adjustments to them after attaching them to my ship. I'm using 1.1 in 64bit mode and I've only got the Mechjeb add on installed so I dont thing its another compatibility issue. Are there instructions somewhere?
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