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  1. I'd say go for it! It can look intimidating at first, but it's actually not too hard to learn if you take it in steps. Start off with something simple, like making the script print something on the screen. Then perhaps make a rocket stage and fly straight up, then try making it do a simple turn over as it gets higher, etc. The kOS documentation on GitHub helped me a lot with learning it (and still does today). It gives an overview and tutorials for using all manner of features. I started working with kOS quite some time ago, if I were to guess, shortly after it became available (when
  2. Continued working on my shuttle landing program. I've made significant progress, the script now actually tracks the heading alignment circles instead of doing the big weird curve thing, and butters the bread on landing. It even lands right in the touchdown zone. Rollout could still use some work though. The drag chute isn't deploying, and the brakes could be a bit more aggressive. Also it would be nice (but not critical) to stay on centerline. Edit: The landing speed looks a bit faster than it really is, because I sped up the video to get real-time at the beginning, no
  3. I've been continuing work on the approach/landing guidance for my eventual full shuttle EDL script. It now has proper distance-to-runway calculation (including the curved path instead of just crow-flies distance), better glideslope and speed controls, and an improved user-interface with all sorts of useful numbers to feast the eyes on. Sometimes the touchdown is buttery smooth. Other times... not so much, it touches the runway and then bounces back in the air (see previous post). I think the occasional hop after touchdown is just a bug I have to live with, maybe related to a diff
  4. Almost got my landing script to butter the bread. Almost. Would be nice to get this part working properly... then I could move on to the real interesting stuff, eg: reentry.
  5. Ok, so I noticed the weird behavior was starting at exactly 1 km out from the runway, which happened to be where my shuttle exited the Heading Alignment Circles (HAC) (circles along which it turns to align heading with the runway). I moved them out to 6 km from the runway so there would be more altitude to recover from the strange roll/pitch maneuvers, and all of a sudden the weird maneuvers disappeared. So with that done, and some slight tweaks to the yaw control gains, I got my first unassisted landing on the runway.
  6. In theory that shouldn't be possible because my code isn't directly giving control inputs to the shuttle, but rather giving kOS a vector to point the nose at and a vector to roll the top to, and then letting the mod itself decide how to actuate the controls to achieve that orientation. I suspect something's off about the vectors I'm giving it (so I'm going to make it draw them on the screen), but it's possible kOS is just bad at counteracting some coupling between roll, yaw, and pitch and that's causing the problems. I really hope it's not the second one there, writing custom control surfa
  7. Tbh the graphics are so incredible here I probably wouldn't have realized it was KSP if it wasn't posted on this forum.
  8. Slowly making progress with the autoland script. Consistently ending up with more of the shuttle intact after landing now. It still is occasionally making strong rolls right above the runway though, and I don't understand why, because from how I wrote the code, it should only use yaw inputs to control centerline error after entering the landing flare, and small ones at that.
  9. I've been working on an autoland script for my new space shuttle in realism overhaul. Been doing test simulations of the post-entry portion of the script by dropping it from a carrier aircraft. The approach phase is working pretty good. The script does gentle banks and controls the glideslope well. No speed control yet so airbrakes are manual. Flare and rollout need some work though. The script gets more and more sensitive to errors from being off the centerline as it gets closer to the runway. As a result it tends to start making sudden, dramatic corrections just a fe
  10. Been working on an RO space shuttle of sorts. It's only barely still a WIP, but I still have some tweaks to make to it and the launcher so I guess it fits. It's like a weird amalgamation of 3 different vehicles Size of the original Space Shuttle (actually it has a bigger payload capacity). Wing / controls configuration of the X-37B. Top-of-rocket-without-fairing mounting of the Dream Chaser. It also has a nose docking port like none of those vehicles, to improve cargo bay space. Simulated test flights have been interesting. For air-drop tests, the carrier plane gets spa
  11. Hmmm... that might be it. I don't have many autostruts on there but the locked-to-heaviest-part ones on the shuttle's landing gear do go across the decoupler... I suppose I could go into the craft file and force-disable the autostruts on the landing gear, then see what happens. I'm not sure how the shuttle will fair on landing if I do that though.
  12. I don't know if you're talking about separators as in decouplers or as in the separation motors, but neither was clipped at all. It turned out I was just getting lucky with the carrier plane not exploding after I removed the separation motors. It has returned to exploding. I tried offsetting the decoupler a little bit outward just in case it was clipped slightly for some reason, but that didn't help. If I can't solve this issue tonight I think I might just go ahead and make a report without landing the carrier plane. After all I'm doing this in sandbox and the STS-1T mission doesn't te
  13. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. It's hard to see, but I also have my shuttle mounted at an angle. Small angles make a bigger difference in FAR, and I was wary of affecting the flight characteristics of the vehicles when they're attached to each-other, but I'm going to try tilting it a bit more. I also have been throttling the carrier plane back. I'll have to try the shallow dive technique though, haven't been doing that. Still gotta figure out what's causing the instant explosion on some occasions though. It's like the carrier just spaghettifies after separating. Edi
  14. I switched them over to being on the shuttle and it worked once. Except my shuttle dropped back into the carrier plane after separating by several meters. Somehow I went on to make a survivable "landing" afterwards despite scraping off the body flap in the collision. I adjusted the separation motors afterwards and now the carrier plane is back to exploding. Yes I've been doing that, though I have tested without. I think they help with separation a bit.
  15. Hmm, I'll try that later this morning. I wanted to keep the shuttle clean of any features it wouldn't have in flight, but tbh they're probably too small to make a significant difference in how it flies. Even if they do, it's better than the other plane exploding right?
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