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  1. I just got back to KSP after a looongggg break. I made this
  2. Which version of kOS do you have? I'm not sure I could find a solution, but I could at least look into it. That being said, in the past I also worked on a similar script, and I found that the Trajectories mod wasn't really necessary. Actually I didn't even need true orbital mechanics. The script just estimated the impact point with a basic zero-drag, constant-gravity parabolic trajectory assumption. When I originally implemented it, it was sort of a "for the giggles" thing, and I fully expected it to fail horribly. Imagine my surprise when my booster actually ended up somewhere near the target! I won't bore you with the details, but whether you use Trajectories or not, there will be errors in your trajectory on the way back. You're going to have to steer (mostly using aerodynamics) during the descent, no matter how precise your boostback burn is. That steering should* give you some good leeway in terms of how you predict your trajectory, so don't feel trapped into needing Trajectories.** *Just how much leeway may depend on how lifty/draggy your rocket is and if you're using Realism Overhaul, relatively small errors could cause big problems **If you can figure out the compatibility issue, by all means use it if you like. But keep in mind that it's one more thing that might break in your script with an update.
  3. Had a little bit of spare time among all my studying, so I decided to fiddle with a new stock bearing design (well, new for me. Probably done before). Made one rotor with it, and it was working great. So I decided to test a tandem rotor system, hoping to put it on a new heavy-lift helicopter. Apparently having two of the rotors broke physics. The "aft" rotor shifted sideways out of the bearings after being uncoupled, then exploded. ...and the pieces just started floating as if gravity wasn't there Thought I might have left hack-grav on, but nope In other news, having watched the successful landing of all 3 boosters on the latest Falcon Heavy launch, I feel motivated to work on my booster guidance scripts again. Need to figure out what's causing the inconsistencies with booster landings, and work on center-core landing. Hoping to then test it on bigger rockets... then figure out how to work with laggy throttles in RO.
  4. Deorbit by crashing a heavy spacecraft into it at 500+ m/s?
  5. Hey that's pretty good! I like the detail! Don't be too worried if the lander has a high part count. I recall from working on mine, that while I never finished the rest of the rocket, it became quite clear that the lander would be a large fraction of the part count. Stock leg secondary option isn't bad though. Out of curiosity, do you plan to add spherical helium tanks at the bottom of the S-IVB? (Sorry for the late reply... been busy getting back to college this week)
  6. I think I have something that can theoretically do the job... if it doesn't shred the station while launching it due to stresses.
  7. I saw that. But atmospheric pressure only changes the TWR and Dv, not the burn time. Anyways, testing confirms the boosters burn for about a minute and a half while still reserving fuel for their own recovery, so no problems with the vehicle.
  8. I finally downloaded 1.6.1. I must say I am happy for the basic information readouts to finally be stock. I question their accuracy on my shuttle however. Those boosters definitely burn longer than 50 seconds, so I have no idea what it is referring to. Note the TWR and delta-v for the 2nd to last stage (marked 1) are not accurate, as the SMEs are shut off after ET separation. I've also been attempting to record some nice testing clips for a mission video. KSP is not cooperating.
  9. I do have Making History, but I figured out that I don't need as much thrust from the SMEs with the new boosters. The older shuttle used the-integrated-fuel-tank-engine-booster-things-I-don't-remember-the-name, and needed mainsail SMEs (it once had 3 actually) to lift its full 50 ton payload, but the new boosters allow it to do the same with vectors. (There are 3 Vectors on the main orbiter there) I guess this is actually good. The vectors are lighter than the original mainsails, which will help when taking the shuttle on the beyond-LKO missions which I have planned. I may need to make some tweaks to the aerodynamic surfaces though to account for the COM having shifted forward. Edit: Actually the new boosters don't have more thrust, they just stick with the shuttle longer and thus give it more oomph.
  10. While I'll probably get back to dinosaurs sometime soon, for now I've been working on an upgrade to my old space shuttle. I am laughing (albeit a bit ruefully) at my own stupidity. I spent a bunch of time writing (well rewriting and integrating with a launch script) kOS code to control vernier actuated, claw-gimbaled Mainsails on the back of the shuttle... (see prototype here) and I just realized it was all pointless because they don't even fit with enough room to gimbal around. (Note the decouplers would not be there when it went to space.) I might be able to get away with lower-thrust vector engines on the orbiter though now that it has more powerful boosters.
  11. From what I've read in the kOS documentation, Events include all things you can activate via the part right-click menu, whereas Actions only include those that can be assigned to an action group in the editor. Lock/unlock pivot is not available to be assigned to action groups, thus it is not available in Actions, but it is available in right click menu (if a part has been grappled), so it should be in the Events list. Atleast, that's my new understanding. I'll have to test this when I get home.
  12. Unfortunately it appears that the pivot toggle cannot be added to an action group in the editor. Edit: In case you're interested, this video (less than a minute long) shows the prototype for the system I'm putting on the shuttle.
  13. So, this may be a bit of a niche question, but is there any way to have kOS lock and unlock the pivot of a klaw? I did some testing and there does not appear any such an action amongst the various accessible modules of the claw part, but perhaps there's something I'm missing? I had a mini-script do For mod in part:allmodules {Log part:getmodule(mod:name):allactions to My_Log.txt.}. and it spat out the following, appearing to show that toggling the pivot is not an available action. I however know the claw to be a bit of an oddball part, so I wanted to check that this action isn't accessible from some different route? The reason I'm asking is because I've created an engine-gimbaling system that uses claws and small verniers to give high gimbal to mainsails, for use on a space shuttle. It would be ideal to allow the script to unlock them after timewarping to the launch window, and lock/unlock them for times during the launch when change in gimbal angle is not being requested (thus saving fuel on the verniers). UPDATE: I may have found a solution to my problem, using EVENT instead of ACTION. Will have to check when I get home