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  1. Rocket Witch

    Why build large passenger vessels at all?

    Basically roleplay for realism. I've never used an explicit passenger vessel despite prototyping a number of winged shuttles, but I do like large capital ships designed for long missions. These are often nuclear powered, with extensive life support, docked craft, etc. This means a multitude of specialisations would realistically be required, more than simply pilot/engineer/scientist. So I come up with a list based on the available systems. Captain, first officer, astrogator, sensor/comms operator, pilot(s depending on docked craft), medic, various technicians for powerplant, radiators, engines, life support, etc. That gives me at least 10 people, and that's just for the ship, not the mission. An extensive science team adequately able to cover all specialisations (surface, weather, radio, plasma, even a specialist low-gravity rover driver to take them to different sites) could be equally as large, and even the smallest ISRU operation is basically an entire colony in itself. Some things on the other hand are very simple, or even remotely operated, like a RTG-powered fuel tanker. Just set it up and shoot it off; the people on each end of its journey are already there to handle the rest.
  2. I always adored maccollo's Venus return vehicle, being a solid rocket. Nothing fancy, just gigawatts of chemical energy.
  3. Rocket Witch

    Cannot fly asteroid base

    Isn't there a control unit on the base, ie. cockpit or probe core? Also check the base's object type in the tracking station view. It might have been changed automatically to something unswitchable like 'debris' as you attached parts to it.
  4. Rocket Witch

    KSP Challenge: Lithobraking!

    Nice navball. Where'd you get it?
  5. Rocket Witch

    KSP Making History

    Quantity vs quality has nothing to do with the time it takes. Doing a lot of either takes a lot of time. This is actually a sort-of trichotomy between quality, quantity and speed, where achieving two of the three goals is entirely possible.
  6. Rocket Witch

    What do kerbals do with their dead?

    I've never been able to find the Kethane mod itself at all, for that matter; only other mods that work with it. I like to think of the goo as a Kerbal analogue of the Squigs from Warhammer, a kind of symbiotic creature kept for food and stuff.
  7. @Nertea The config for the PX-STAT 1x2 solar panel (config name solarpanel-static-truss-1) is missing a line saying rescaleFactor = 1 after the MODEL section closes (compare with solarpanel-static-truss-2). Without this, each panel is a bit bigger than on the 1x4 version. With it, the individual panels in both arrays become the same size, which they are presuambly meant to be, as different configurations of the same product.
  8. @Ser There may be an oversight in this mod. At least in my install, RCS sounds aren't muffled when in map view.
  9. Rocket Witch

    Graphics sugguestions?

    Piriform Speccy tells me it really has 8 cores, each with their own thread.
  10. Rocket Witch

    Whats the hardest thing to do in KSP?

    Sun atmosphere science.
  11. Rocket Witch

    Max temp. of a Kerbal

    Is it known what the actual heat tolerance of Kerbals themselves is? I seem to vaguely recall something like 700K/1000K internal/external from... nowhere, so I'm probably making it up.
  12. Rocket Witch

    Graphics sugguestions?

    Really? AMD FX8350 is 4GHz stock and I've got it at 4.4 currently in an air-cooled system and not even breaking 65C in temp. It's aging now but still has decent single-core performance in the price range of $100, especially with this Turbo Core feature that essentially shuts down two cores to make two of the remaining six 5% faster. At least that's how I think it works.
  13. Rocket Witch

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Make a mothership covered in claws and assemble an epic junk ship! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today, I wanted to make an early station, this one being sufficiently early that I don't even have solar panels yet. However, with NFElectrical one unlocks the smallest capacitor beforehand, so the station relies on regular discharges to stay operational. I actually have much more power and food onboard than requried, so may later tow this thing to a Munar orbit before it's decommissioned. Something curious happened just before making an adjustment burn — I briefly lost contact with ground all stations. I thought they probably would've been carefully placed as to remove this possibility, but no! Watch out on your polar orbits if they're below 100km.
  14. Rocket Witch

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    Probably Model 1940. 39 would lack the somewhat prominent recuperator block on the front of the mantlet, and 41 would have a gun barrel sticking out a little further than the hull. Any newer models had cast turrets with rounded edges which would look a little less sharp even in a silhouette image like that. The more you know!
  15. Rocket Witch

    Most Frustrating Things in KSP

    - When you're in orbit and the biome you're directly over flickers between two things and you keep timewarping past the one you want. Not exactly a vanilla issue though since I only have biome information through KER. - When solar panels are intact yet broken but engineers can't repair them pls squad why.