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  1. I just updated the scoreboard! Also, please try to make brighter pictures, as I couldn't see one of the pictures and docked points on it @Sivonen accidentally...
  2. Bump
  3. There, maximum of 15 passengers at 3 points each, not including pilot and co-pilot, so the total is 17 kerbals for an extra 45 points.
  4. What about a maximum of 10 kerbals at 5 points each?
  5. This is what I have: Which is what inspired this challenge.
  6. What should the limit be for multiple kerbals?
  7. But you guys do realize that the kerbal has to be in a command seat, right?
  8. Ejector Seat Challenge This challenge is focused on making an ejector seat. The goal is to eject a kerbal from a jet/plane at the highest speed with the kerbal surviving. Rules: -Kerbal(s) must be in a command seat when ejected. -Command seat must be ejected with the kerbal in it. -Kerbal(s) must survive ejecting and landing. -Must stay within Kerbin's atmosphere (70km and below). -Mods are allowed. -Proof must be shown. Screenshots accepted, video encouraged. (Rules subject to change) Points: -"Mach X": Have the highest eject speed +250 points -"Sonic Boom": Eject over mach 1 (340 m/s) +100 points -"Passenger plane": Eject more than one kerbal +10 points -"52 kerbal pickup": Eject each kerbal separately +10 points -(only with "Passenger plane") -"Guess how many are in the jar": Additional points for each kerbal +3 points per kerbal (over 2 kerbals, max 45 points) -(ie: 17 kerbals total = +45 points (3 points x 15 passengers = 45 points) -"Are you sure this is safe?": Eject kerbal(s) from above 50km +25 points -"Mass destruction avoided": Plane/jet survives landing +20 points -"I can math!": You did the math so I don't have to! You get a star! +5 points -"You monster!": Loss of points for each kerbal killed -5 points per kerbal killed Additional points may be awarded after your run. This is voted for by me and possibly by everyone involved via poll. Do not add these in yourself. -"Kerbin Kosmetics": Have the nicest looking plane/jet +50 points (NOTE: Points don't count unless at least one kerbal survives ejection and lands safely) High Speeds (Stock): 1. 1930 m/s - Sivonen 2. 3. High Speeds (Mods): 1. 2. 3. Scoreboard (Stock): 1. 375 points - Sivonen 2. 3. Scoreboard (Mods): 1. 2. 3.
  9. Yes, all rules still apply
  10. New time to beat! (Now with music!)
  11. Ahh, okay. I didn't see it. Both your comments just came through. It's a challenge! @N_F_X and @SpaceTrashCan, See you two on the runway!
  12. Also, @N_F_X, I challenge you to make a VTOL. Considering you're already at the top of the car leader board, why not try to top both leader boards?
  13. Exactly! There's also no competition in VTOLs...
  14. Yeah... I just realized that. I'm also on break with nothing else to do...
  15. Comment deleted by user