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  1. Personally i'm fine with Necroing, kinda a mechanic of forums in my opinion but I appear to be in a minority on that. As for the Wasp I haven't done anything with it in quite a while, and It has no oxidizer on board as far as I remember. You could take the mechanics of it and adapt it to that role, but I'd imagine it would take a non-small amount of overhauling to get it even space worthy. If you do though let me know cause it would be really cool.
  2. The Ares 1 was built Upside down Various versions of the Atlas V where made without Symmetry as was a variation of the Zenit which I've recreated in KSP
  3. @Alewx is there anyway to at least make the part believe it's facing a different Direction? The bug I'm dealing with is caused by parts with body lift facing odd directions to the direction of travel, so if there's a way to set the part so the game thinks it's oriented differently the game wouldn't cause the bug. So far my only option to solve this is to outright disable all body lift in the game, which would render my craft unflyable because Ironically it get's most of it's lift from Body lift.
  4. Yeah that's what I mean, and there doesn't appear to be a convenient "Turn Off body lift" button anywhere in the weldament file. I've even set the Aero model from "Default" to "none" after some snooping around how to edit part config files, and it didn't really do anything.
  5. Is there any way to disable Body lift on welded parts? I'm trying to use part welder to circumvent a bug with KSP's aero that keeps randomly sending my craft in an equally random direction because the poor body lift can't handle my crafts reasonable design
  6. @Mjarf Thanks! It's sort of a successor to my original bone stock Toy shuttle @PT It uses Part welder for the main bucket, I have no idea how to upload that Shenanigans
  7. My first real craft that I've really ever modded, I made a toy scale Space shuttle. It primarily uses Tweakscale, but on account of the f'd aero this thing produces I've also utilized part Welder on the entire Pilot bucket, and have edited the part file it produces to be quite a bit more reasonable. The only part on this craft that hasn't be tweaked with tweaked scale is the Command Seat, and I think this thing turned out beautifully.
  8. The "Swept Wing", "AV-R8", and "Tail Fin". And just out of curiosity, I don't suppose you have anything for the AV-T1 do you? If not, I think @Ven has a replacement texture in his Stock Overhaul mod, though it might be an entirely new model.
  9. for the winglets could you extend the darkening to the tip of them? It looks a bit weird with 3 tones. And I'm also confused, the post says 1.3 compatible and the mod version is .14, but the space-dock says the mod version is .13 and it's only 1.2.2 compatible
  10. Is this information still relevant or has it changed?
  11. Yo is this still a thing? I assume not but I'm in denial.
  12. Use yo gorram imagination, now stop cloggin this poor mans thread This is my submission btw Now if you'll excuse me I have to edit my OBS settings to be less... terrible.
  13. @Joseph Kerman Then it's a damn good thing KSP and Firefly are the opposite of real life aint it?
  14. Revoke this rule pls, Serenity uses rocket engines that happen to look like Aircraft engines
  15. This dude used your Sea Dragon model 


  16. Will these ever make a Comeback? I know that the people managing KSP right now aren't the people who made it but surely they must want to do something like this
  17. Aight Cool. Just asking cause I love this mod, Seems to work in 1.3 so that's Cool.
  18. @gupsy The offset tool has a qwerk you can abuse if you know how to use it. I'm not at home, but tomorrow I'll upload something to explain how it works and how to do it, though I'm sure its probably already in the forums burried somewhere. Its really simple so hang tight
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