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  1. Thanks Jdub! I was wondering if it was something random. Now I know the reason I will ignore max temp before going outside. Best whishes!
  2. Hello friends! I tried to perform my first EVA taking Valentina out for a walk from her 1-person capsule and she just vanished in a smoke cloud as soon as she opened the door!! Anybody knows why? Can't allow this tragedies hit my space program. Help! EDIT: Managed to EVA, but when she came out the door a flame came out from nowhere, as if some ghost engine was firing. Valentina took a look and went back inside thinking she scaped from death by a miracle. Some spirits are messing around low earth orbit! John Glenn may had been correct with does fireflies!!
  3. Hello friends! I have made a spreadsheet that can predict the outputs of drilling ore and MKS resources, the electric charge it will take and the storage you will need. You choose the resource and drill type, and enter the local availability, the level of the best specialist aboard and the Geology bonus and voil√°. The spreadsheet also contains a tool to predict the Geology bonus and how it will vary over time, although this one I'm not so confident about. The spreadsheet is completely editable and I have added instructions and the formulas used, so people can see how things work. Although
  4. Hello @RoverDude! I just wanted to point some issues I am encountering in my study of this wonderful mod. Regarding drilling: - Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe that the difference between automated and manned drills is that in automated are not applied geology or crew bonuses. The problem is that, in practice, the geology bonus is still applied (I don't know if this is a mistake). As the crew bonus is actually a penalty until kerbals reach 4 stars, the result is that you get much more output with an automated drill than with a manned one with a level 1 engineer, for example. - The
  5. Thank you very much guys. I wont bother you any more with this. You have been very helpful and I feel confident I can figure this out and make the mother of all MKS spreadsheets. I have to say I have installed @TauPhraim's application and this guy really know what he's doing. I have just give it a look and it works very well. I think I can figure out what I have missing with its help. Best wishes!
  6. I see yor point. Though I only need one kerbal to run the industry, the more kerbals I have the faster the kolonization bonuses will rise. It makes sense. This is exactly what i was looking for. Now I can estimate drilling outputs! Thank you! However, shouldn't be the kerbals with the Geologyskill the ones who affect the Geology factor? I have and found out that the output of a module depends on the level of machinery present, being 100% if full and 0% if empty. Still, final productivity depends on other factors as well. Which are those crew and kolonization bonus
  7. Thank you so much for your answer guys. If you are correct, I believe that when it comes to drilling, everything is well defined. The only thing missing is the formula for the Geology bonus. I know it is shown in the UI but I would like to be able to estimate it beforehand. About one single engineer to run a full industry... I have to say that I don't buy it. If it depended on me, the more people you have working the more production you should have. At least you should have a minimum staff in each module. We are talking of minning, processing, manufacturing goods in order to make rockets
  8. Thank you @voicey99! Just to point out a couple of things, in the wiki says miners are the ones with drilling qualification. And, do you know how to calculate that "Geology bonus"?.
  9. Well, now I'm confused. Does MKS drills work exactly as stock? If that the case, the math of that is in the stock wiki and is true that only the highest engineer/miner (that's the other profession) counts for the calculation. If this is the case, the MKS wiki is totally wrong as it says: " Drill output is determined by taking the percentage of the planetary efficiency multiplied by the local planetary percentage of that resource, multiplied by one per second, or 3600 per hour." And with the second part of your message... do you mean that if I have lets say an industrial base with 4 i
  10. I believe that efficiency formula is in the wiki, but still it only refers to one factor affecting the final result. As you point, there are other factors involved which are not well defined in the information available, as far as I know. This is what I think I know, after reading most of the wiki, playing with the mod and following this forum, please correct me or add more information, if you like: Drilling productivity depends on: -Local resorce aboundance. -Number of engineers/miners present. -Level of those engineer/miners - Other bonuses? (Geology bonus?) Module's productiv
  11. I didn't know the code was publicly available, but I'm a civil engineer and don't have the knowledge to find out the formulas from the code. If there is a way I could help to solve this just let me know!
  12. I am actually trying to improve my excel skills and my goal is to make the most generic spreadsheet possible to plan a whole system of bases in a planet. Imagine you feed in as data the different bases you plan to buid (modules, crew, drills, local resources, etc) and it gives as results the outputs you will get. With this spreadsheet you could play with the inputs in order to plan perfectly your system of bases. It can be nearly as complex as you can imagine, but I find it impossible to try while I don't even know which exacts variables affect each result, or the formulae of each process.
  13. Hello Terwin! Do you know which other multipliers are involved in the final output of a module? I want to make a spreadsheet to plan bases but I can't find the formulas in orther to do so.
  14. Dboy I appreciate your answer too! I am aware all the work RoverDude and you guys do here is voluntary, so I would not dare asking or requesting anything at all, even more when I'm a lazy user and not involved in helping with the mod as many of you are. However, I have pointed simple things I have encounter in this forum and have to say RD have solved them in short time (specifically the problem with machinery and PL, which I believe it has been soved in this release!). Anyway, If I was to make a wish to the MKS wizzard it wold be... FORMULAS FORMULAS FORMULAS!!!
  15. Thanks for the reply, RoverDude! I will keep on investigating and I will try to lend a hand if I can. I'm not an expert at all and I don't have a lot of free time, so I would like to extend my gratitude to the guys working on the wiki and helping with the mod. Regarding the info available, though I can find general gidelines of how things work in the wiki, when it comes to raw math I can't find it. For example, I can't seem to find how to get the efficiency percentage expected for the production of a module. It involves the stars of the kerbals inside? the efficiency of the total vessel?
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