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  1. Did the Spyglass ever get changed to count as a Cupola? I just tried to build a base for a contract and neither the Buffalo ISRU <ISRU> nor the Spyglass <Cupola> worked towards fulfilling the contact.
  2. I had this happen once with an earlier version. I quit the game then went back and everything worked after that. Hope it helps.
  3. I don't know how well it works, because the Kraken ate my base. I did have a scientist collect all the data and take into the lad at the base. This was after I had transmitted the science back home. It is fun and nice to have something 'to do' besides just planting a flag. Keep up the great work!
  4. Or you could just make the "Spyglass" a cupola. It already looks like one and has room for one Kerbal..
  5. I think this could be a lot of fun to combine with a JetWing....
  6. Now that we can actually do surface experiments on the surface; what am I going to do with all these koncrete slabs??? >grin< Thanks for the fix, the newest version works Great!
  7. I had to disconnect and then re-link each experiment that I had already placed. I have done two missions to the Mun now and collected the science. (Although the second time I took the 'atmosphere' expirements.. >DOH< To prevent explosions, I really like using "the Patio" from the Pathfinder Mod. I fill two small lockers, one has the Patio, the SEP base station and tools. The other has the experiments. I then shuffle plugs until it is balanced.
  8. I found this for a little inspiration; (Ignore @RoverDude 's Karibou Rover in the korner... >grin<)
  9. There is a new version of KAS and SEP works great once it is installed. Love that science!!!
  10. I think the problem is with KAS not SEP. I am not sure, beacuse my logs aren't entirely clear, but it looks like KAS is not recognizing links (at least for SEP).
  11. Nice work, I really like the new UI. It makes configuring a breeze. I just tried a new Mun Base to meet a contract and came across some issues; Even though I had three Casa's (2 Habs and 1 Geo Lab) and a Doc, I couldn't meet the five Kerbal requirement for my station. I also tried to use the Geo Lab for the Science portion of the contract, but it didn't like that either. Lastly, I first tried to include a Greenhouse (i.e. Chuckwagon POTATO) but there were such tremendous torque issues that I couldn't even land... I am not too worried about the POTATO, I may have had a setting or two off. Not being able to complete a simple base contract is a bit frustrating. Keep up the great work! I love this mod!
  12. You could build in a delay like you have with the science experiments in BDB (radiometer, particle impact collector, etc.). Just make it a longer delay and run the animation while it waits.... I am not a programmer, just a fan of your work.
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