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  1. That is great. Just great. I\'d fly that into the sun.
  2. Kedwin Kubble would be mighty proud! I\'d give it two thumbs up, but I think the 'thumb up' has a different meaning Down Under. High five instead?
  3. My science-senses are tingling! I know this effect has been around for quite a looooooong while in terms of scientific progression, but it still makes me pine for my undergraduate days, building a 30 yard supercollider in the dorm\'s sub basement. Supercollider? I barely know her?
  4. :hailprobe: Mon dieu! Le grand et massif avion!
  5. Tiberion, I\'ll be honest here, I\'ve had more fun than I should have. I\'m neglecting my other games, and these craft are prime examples of why. They make one of the most fun games I have ever played even more enjoyable. Batman: Arkham City won\'t get played for at least another week. (Along with RAGE, Gears 3, Dark Souls still on hold halfway through. I won\'t get my work done at this rate.)
  6. @anti-sanity The scrubber works great, almost everything is clean, except I keep getting: System.OutOfMemoryException: Out of memory at System.Drawing.Image.FromFile<String filename, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement> at System.Drawing.Image.FromFile<String filename> at KerbalImageConverter.Program.Convert<String filename> at KerbalImageConverter.Program.Main<String [] args> It reminds me to 'ensure this program is placed in the 'ksp.exe', which it is.
  7. HUZZAH and good show! My favorite game just got a little better. Time for some ... BRICKS .. IN .. SPAAAAAAAAAACE! :-[ 8) :\'(
  8. That is an extremely Heavy Lifter! ??? You have inspired me! TO THE LAB!!!!
  9. I love stock rockets. Kudos.
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