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  1. @linuxgurugamer DrunkenKerbalnaut got the lenghts wrong for some of the straight parts, there is an extra cero on the 250cm, 300cm and 500cm. They should be 25cm, 30cm and 50cm respectively
  2. Not quite what I need, I'm good with the ammount of science I've got with the effort I put, the problem is that I want to mark those experiments as complete, that is directly related to this mod
  3. @Z-Key AerospaceCan we get a threshold slider option to mark the not 100% recoverable experiments as complete? like the Mistery Goo and Materials Bay, when you get 95% of that experiment, mark it as done
  4. Hey, quick question. Where is stored the scan progress for each type of scan for each body? I have to do a reinstall of CKAN because of some problems and perhaps reinstall the whole KSP, but I'm not finding the file that has the progress done. Not contracts, just scan progress, map, etc
  5. Question, why does the grid fins have such a low heat tolerance?
  6. @Z-Key Aerospace is there a way to add an automatic sum indicator on the lower right corner of the [x]Science window that sums all the available science to gather of the currently shown list with search filter applied? Also, I think that the two alternative launch site biomes are not being detected by the Science Now!(in flight status) window
  7. What happens if I manually install the new files now and then CKAN gets an updated repo?
  8. Hello all, I'm habing this issue now I packed two EVA canisters for long trips, but the inventory seems bugged. There is no action available when I right-click a canister, and the inventory volume seems bugged as well. If I drop a canister, I can't put back inside because the limit is 1Lt, the grid looks bigger too. I already tried switching back and forth with another astronaut inside, reloading the save and the game. I even tried to replicate it back at the KSC right at the launchpad, no issues there. Could it be that after so many saves and loads I got it bugged? Or an update to the mod that ocurred after takeoff and broke something?
  9. I have an answer, it's an important one. -> PS: Way to name a topic tittle...