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  1. You sir/madam are a genius and fixed the problem. It now says axis group instead of #autoLOC_8003261. I've no idea what all the options are below that but frankly don't care. Many thanks for your help, I really didn't think it'd be fixable without waiting for a patch, especially after reading Apelikejay's post.
  2. On the contrary you've convinced me that this is a cock up with 1.7.1 patch (which seems to be an excellent patch, squad have almost nailed it)
  3. I don't have any DLC it just started happening after the update to 1.7.1
  4. Whenever I go into action groups it has the normal ones then #Autoloc_ followed by a number then below loads of things like pitch, yaw, translate L/R etc. Running 1.7.1 (latest version). I've tried reinstalling the whole game (without mods) but the issue is still there, I didn't remove any of the files that the uninstall didn't remove (settings, logs, old saves that kind of thing). Also the issue is still there with newly created craft and newly created games. What on earth could be going on? Edit: I've just noticed an autoloc (which was off) in the settings as well, is this all a very strangely done feature in 1.7.1?
  5. Would just changing the angle of the 2 front wings be OK. Before when I've done that I've tried changing all the wings and it was a right pain to get them lined up correctly. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely be trying that out on my probe launcher then.
  6. I don't have anywhere on the internet to save it to. To be honest though my last mining plane wasn't that bad at all. And my worst plane for CoM shifting is an unmanned probe launcher, so doubt much could be done about it as it's practically all fuel tanks with heavy engines at the back.
  7. Get some help mate, that's just too out there in wacky land.
  8. Interesting idea, I never tried that. How would you trim the canards on takeoff? by having them deployed? If so it sounds similar to what I was doing only in reverse so I'd be interested to hear if you have any success with it.
  9. Thanks for pointing out the RCS Build Aid Continued mod, sounds useful, especially as I'm often too lazy to empty all the tanks to find out the dry CoM/CoL. Never had huge success with arranging parts so it doesn't shift when dry. Having said that my latest self refueling plane wasn't that bad, putting heavy mining stuff at the front and middle meant it only needed the wings pushed back a touch for when dry.
  10. Got one of my ksp bucket list items out the way today by landing a space plane on Ike (to self refuel), Duna then landed back on the Kerbin runway. Not exactly ksp pro stuff but it was a world first for me and it went well, apart from realizing my main rear wheels were on backwards, doh.
  11. Well after a bit of testing I've decided using flaps to counteract weight imbalance on re-entry doesn't work, not surprising really otherwise it'd be well know trick. Problem as far as I can tell is that although it helps in level flight as soon the plane's pitched up it's useless and the plane's gonna flip. Never mind pushing the wings back a bit more to compensate for low fuel is fine anyway.
  12. That was my main way of dealing with CoM/CoL imbalance on reentry until I came in with bingo fuel one day only to find out the plane was uncontrollable. This is what gave me the idea of trying flaps, like I said haven't quite got it to work yet otherwise I'll just have to push the wings back for when the planes on fumes, suppose if the plane can pitch up slightly on takeoff even with CoL way behind CoM then it's a success.
  13. Funny you mention that I'd just tried putting a canard at the front of my plane to only act as a push nose down flap, I was putting the flap next to my roll aileron at the back of the wing before, plane still flipped on re-entry however my CoL was only slightly behind CoM at takeoff (was trying to get the best of both worlds) Didn't know you could do that, would certainly save time test flying and give a rough idea how well it'll work. Scott Manley taught me that one before I ever built my first spaceplane . The difficulty is more to do with the amount off pitch up SAS has to deal with with the CoL way behind the CoM (wings way back solution), so every time I touch the controls it pitches down a lot and pitching up is very sluggish.
  14. Whenever I design a space plane I almost always find that it'll want to pitch down when full of fuel and pitch up on re-entry and almost empty of fuel. So far my solution has been either have the wings way back which makes the pitch down even worse and take-off's a pain or have too much fuel so that I can move it all forward on landing which is wasteful (and uncontrollable if very low on fuel). So I've been playing around with a third option, have some flaps which pushes the nose down on reentry/landing (so more like a trim tab). I've had inconclusive results so far, it does seem to push the nose down but often not enough to stop the plane flipping upwards. Am I onto something here and just need more/bigger/better positioned "flaps" or is it a wasted effort?
  15. Problem Solved. I did a complete reinstall of ksp from steam (choosing v1.2.2 this time). STILL no rcs sounds. Suddenly remembered that I used to use a shortcut to KSP_x64 to force it to 64bit mode. This solved the problem. I'm totally confused at why this isn't a common issue but if anyone else experiences it try manually launching in 64bit mode.