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  1. Why my ships blow up in re entry earth atmosphere ? even when I reduce heat in game settins to 0. I start re enrty at 5-6 km/h and shipc caboom at 60-70km above ground with 8000-1000 heat temperature C
  2. Starship and super heavy 2019 always blow up when entry atmosphere in RSS at 5-6km/s speed. Even when I disable air friction in game settings/ Have a problem with Falcon heavy in KSP 1.8.1. Can`y load craft cause missing part probeCoreOcto.v2... It seems part renamed with updates of game...
  3. So for example I can took model of F1 RO Real engine mod and make clone with custom properties?
  4. (ksp 1.8.1) When ship accelerating - always decals slides off its place and gets stuck in the texture of the ship... Maybe be is it possible to add them autostrut function...
  5. Have a problem with Falcon heavy in KSP 1.8.1. Can`y load craft cause missing part probeCoreOcto.v2... It seems ut renamed with updates of game...
  6. I try to recreate Starship using procedural tanks. Every time when I enter in atmosphere (at 5-8 km/s ) my fuel tank explode from atmosphere friction. I set tank MLI to max level but it did`t work. I try to put heat shield on tank nose and enter in atmoshphere with shield prograde. Tank explode again. So how I must protect my tanks from heat during reentry?
  7. Can someone share with me RO config?
  8. It seems one of this mod affect Mechjab node execution. I have a Bettertimewarp+Kerbal alarm clock. Now Mechjab dont warp to proper time and make instant node execution when turn ship in maneveur position...
  9. I have a question regarding ROengines from realism overhaul. The landing guidance does not work even for those engines that have a controlled minimum thrust. Translatron has the same effect. The engine seems to be trying to start with click sounds an infinite number of times but never start. I turned off Ullage in the engines cfg so that they would not turn off from bursts of fuel in the tanks. I enabled %useEngineResponseTime = False on all engines so that they activate without delay. Nothing helps. Each time the engine clicks many times but never turns on. I managed to activate the landing function only once on certain engines(I think it was raptor), but this incorrectly calculates the turn on engine height and the ship crash. It is probably difficult to implement accurate calculations, but I would be glad if at least the translatron worked with ROengines so that I can keep a fixed fixed landing speed in manual mode. Is there any chance of somehow making mechjab work with ROengines from realism overhaul?
  10. But where I must put this code to override all RO engines at once ? I paste to RO_Engines.cfg but it doesn`t work. All I need is when I turn on engine - thrust instant . Most of RO engines have a pause between On and throttle
  11. Where I must put this line of code? I put this code in RO_Engines but it does`t work .
  12. Can anybody tell me how to make RO engines turn on and off instantly? Which parametr I must to modify? maybe @useEngineResponseTime ?
  13. For now, I put all my PNG to vanilla Flags folder and then apply it with Conformal Decals sticker menu. Very simple and beautiful mod. Love it
  14. Where i can find a high res flag-emblem (Nasa Space X e.t.c) compilation for this beautiful mod?
  15. RSS work for me on KSP 1.10 with this Kopernicus Continued. Thank you very much
  16. IS there a way to disable the fuel pressure function in the engine? I mean, that the engines can be turned on under any conditions, even without traction which gravity drives fuel into the lower part of the tank...Which line of code is responsible for this?