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  1. Sorry for posting in this old thread, but i encountered the same problem. I Can't get to my munbase. Opening the debug log shows those three errors/exceptions with several normal entries between them. The exeption shows up after I opened the tracking station. [Error]: Cannot find a Module of typename 'ExSettings' [Error]: ScenarioModule is null. [Exception]: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object using a rover nearby lets me switch to the base but then I cannot go back to the space station have to close Kerbal from windows. I would really appreciate any help. Edit: no recent changes on any mods. worked fine before
  2. Still, I got that message with 0.9.13. But anyway .14 works fine, thank you! Going to start my munbase now
  3. Sorry, I forgot to say, that I am running 1.1. but with 0.9.13 I get the message it was build for 1.0.5. Any idea, when 0.9.14 will be released? I'm really looking forward to this mod and want to set up my munbase with it.
  4. I have the same problem mentioned on the previous site. I can't enter the modules on any of the doors. It's possible to transfer crew into them, but they can't EVA, because the hatch is obstructed and I also can't transfer them back in other modules, which means the Kerbals are stuck in the module. I'm testing it with the pondaros inflatable module on launchpad. The newest version you .13 gives me the error it is set to work on KSP 1.05. I would really love to use this mod and have already landed a basehub on the mun and want to send my engineer with some modules on there, too.
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