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  1. 25 GB free space should be enough for a 8GB pagefile, I think. And yes, it's 32bit, so that's probably the root issue. Peeking at KSP while it runs in openGL mode does show it to consume about 1,5GB memory (and no crashes at all! wheee!). I've been putting off buying a new laptop, but I'll do it to keep playing KSP
  2. Huh. No matter how I set the pagefile, or play with the windows control panel, the error.log still shows 2048 MB user address space. ( https://ufile.io/rnypk ) I'm running a laptop, win7 ultimate, on core2 duo, 4GB ram and GeForce 9500M. After switching to openGL (thanks Bilfr3d! have a cookie!) rendering, there were no crashes at all during 2 hours or so of playing. I'll play some more and try to see if KSP crashes now.
  3. Hm. setting the pagefile size to 8GB doesn't help. My computer has 4GB RAM, and 1.0.x verisons of KSP almost never crashed. Could fiddling with the graphics settings help? Latest output log in the settings.
  4. okay. changing the directory made no difference. 1.0.3 or so never crashed in the Users directory. I followed the instructions in the links you provided, (installed various M$ crap and 2 GB worth of Windows kits). Nov I've advanced to the next level of crash. Now KSP just hangs (not responding, greyed out window) after a few minutes. output_log on the link below. Seems the poor thing ran out of memory? https://ufile.io/i1ms5
  5. heh. now my face is red. Here's the output log. https://ufile.io/vy2z6
  6. here, three of the first crash log directories, zipped. Hope this helps! https://ufile.io/4pijb
  7. so, unmodded, running on windows 7, fresh out of the .zip. Crashes happen in VAB and during recovery, just like 1.1 did before it was (somewhat) fixed. Is the problem a known one?
  8. Your problem is lack of control. Your 1st stage is stabilized purely by the RCS of the capsule, and that obviously isn't enough. Is that a Swivel engine in the next stage? You could put it in the same stage as the Fleas, that could help, because it can vector its thrust. You could angle those winglets a bit to give you "spin stabilization" (shift+W while having them selected in the VAB) You could make your rocket more symmetrical. Lose the landing legs, put the material bay on top of the capsule, use only one parachute, etc.
  9. YMMV. For me, 1.0.5 crashes once per 6 hours of playing or so. 1.1.2 crashes about once per minute. 1.1.3 crashes about once per 10 minutes of playtime.
  10. crashes less than 1.1.2 Only 4 crashes in 2 hours of playing. Ah, well, I still have 1.0.5.
  11. Let's open the festivities. STOCK 1.0.5. Altitude: 134 km. Jeb was not impressed at all, judging by his expression after landing.
  12. Engineering fail. Jonopont seems amused.
  13. rescued a kerbonaut from low sun orbit. The toughest part was preventing xenon gas from contaminating the snacks. Unfortunately, the snack containment unit left no weight allowance for a capsule. But that was one happy kerbal, despite having to cling to the outside of the rescue "ship" all the way back home.
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