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  1. Are they trying to recover all 3 boosters?
  2. More later! If you allow pushing with kerbals, couldn't you get infinite dv since you can just get back in to the pod when low on EVA fuel and it magically fills up again? Or has that been changed lately? Haven't tried in a while...
  3. But everything else works even though I havent set flows on any of the pipes
  4. That didnt help. But apparently it just didnt like being connected with those kis/kas pipes. When I changed one of the storage units directly connected to the logistics module to store LF+OX it started working
  5. Why does it say "Missinf Liquid Fuel" when I clearly have plenty of Liquid Fuel in storage? https://imgur.com/a/6ggsF
  6. Yeah I have noticed this but it doesnt bother me that much since I can just ignore it and keep using the part normally but yeah it is an issue. Not as annoying as the issue with kolonization modules above
  7. I dont see how this would be any easier than just changing 1 setting with 1 click. But yeah I understand how this could kind of fun for 5 minutes of fooling around with some silly crafts but...meh I dont see a real use for it. So all in all I dont see why this needs to be added but if it will be added it's okay
  8. But you already can just click "require connection for probe control" from the settings menu and then your probe will work again. As already stated below. So I dont understand why you would need yet another method for solving this same situation...
  9. Science mods I dont really care about but without information mods the game is pretty much unplayable for me. Since it is IMO quite impossible to design a rocket if you dont know the key performance numbers (mainly twr and dv)... It becomes a guessing game instead of design and planning game. I could of course do the calculations manually but that is tedious and not fun. So information mods do not even make the game any easier. Just less tedious and more fun. But hey it is your challenge so you decide the rules
  10. It might fly yes but it might be unable to get where it needs to go which kind of makes it unusable. As for my second point about balance: what I meant was that if you can upgrade parts many times by using science points, some parts might easily become "too good" so that you can "too easily" do anything you want with them. I mean, it already is relatively easy to go anywhere and back with stock parts so if you allow upgrades that becomes even easier. Maybe even too easy...
  11. Oh but it might very well break the design if twr or dv is lowered... The second point is valid but it might make game balancing increasingly hard since unupgraded parts must still remain usable but fully upgraded parts cant be totally op either.
  12. While this is an interesting idea, the problem is that this would kind of destroy one of the most important aspects of ksp IMO. And that is sharing your ships and creations with the community and participating in different forum challenges. Because after this change everyone would have their own versions of parts depending on what upgrades they choose so same ships would have different performance for different people. And that to me is unacceptable
  13. Does this work on 1.4.2 currently? I'm trying to backtrack some weird load numbers on kolonization modules and this could be useful if it works correctly...
  14. I am having a hard time replicating this. I made a simple ship that only had CS storage, 2x 3.75m kolonization modules, 1.25m reactor and ranger thermal control pack. Then I hyperedited it to mun and started everything up. Both kolonization modules had 100% load and used 3CS/h. I tried with different amounts and different occupations of kerbals on board (including the exact same kerbals I had in my real munbase. No effect whatsoever. Still 100% load for both modules. So I figured that it has to be some efficiency part. So I added one for each smelter/crusher/workshop/greenhouse and started them 1 by 1. Still nothing. 100% load for both modules. I'm out of ideas here... @RoverDude do you know what is going on? A bug or a mechanic we dont understand... Edit: new observation. If I take on kerbal away from my munbase the load jumps from 516% to 620% for both modules. But if I take additional kerbals away it doesnt have any effect on the load. I am starting to think this is bugged/not working as intended since I can not make any sense out of this... I think I'll try if I can get governor to do itsthing with the tweak suggested earlier... Edit2: nope. Governor slider is still completely useless. And tests shiw that it actually uses more CS/h while supporting 4 kerbals than while supporting 5 kerbals... Edit3: and when I add more kerbals it uses less CS/h guess I'll just ship in more kerbals then :DD But yeah @RoverDude there is definitely a bug there...