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  1. thnx man these mod is the basic mod for ksp
  2. http://imgur.com/wdrQkpJ lol how come these mod work on ksp 1.2.0 just 2 ships work very good 1- USS Enterprise 2- USS Stargazer i am using Firespitter v7.4.1
  3. thnx for these very cool mod but adding the wings and teals and vtol engines in new plane its very hard
  4. http://imgur.com/a/Tg49B new one arrived i am wetting for new parts https://kerbalx.com/rafat_abubreak/RAB-Spacetackles-KIE-mix-with-B9 to download the craft and try it :D:D
  5. spacetackle thnx i am now thinking for something more crazy
  6. new ship mix parts withe b9 aerospace the ship looks very cool do you think that RAB The Force Concept http://imgur.com/a/GVMV4 we need more parts to make more fighters
  7. here some aides for new planes hope you think about them in the Future http://imgur.com/aJ2G1tP http://imgur.com/LtY2jYi http://imgur.com/4PKMVa0 http://imgur.com/gRsya7G http://imgur.com/1F6JEG7
  8. Alewx sorry about that her the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnji0wxpqlz24l3/output_log.txt?dl=0
  9. Alewx nop these all mods i am using on ksp 1.1.2 and there ss from the game using v3.3 on both hungers http://imgur.com/g0d9q91 http://imgur.com/XKI518K http://imgur.com/PyXBDTo http://imgur.com/JlIKFNs my output_log using HE v3.4.8 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/content_link/0FlDGNvkZu14i5OFeWOW4BXTPbpsu8Z3J0pkd7fdA2XLteSdGtAKfBYU6oEZBolO/file
  10. i am using v3.3 on ksp 1.1.2 it work fine not like v3.4.8 make the game crash wen you go VAB and start add parts
  11. make space ship using these awesome mod my ship ( B9 Aerospace the pyramid ) http://imgur.com/LMfvOBp http://imgur.com/4XdnEqj http://imgur.com/1GlmcaB http://imgur.com/u0C3Ipb http://imgur.com/3dv4ei7
  12. first thing these mod very awesome thnx for the hard work just one thing if you can make the control window smaller or update the phase it well be beater and one more thing if you add option that make the ship switch manover between vertical and horizontal in fly that well be awesome too thnx again for these mod
  13. njmksr the Xcom have infinity fuel ?? isee that i fly for long and the fuel full
  14. great mod but no legs for the ship so i use b9 aerospace legs not bad for these ship wish if i can change parts coolers like the ship http://imgur.com/IpCeF33 http://imgur.com/T5D8Ndv http://imgur.com/pp15F9g http://imgur.com/MA9pw1u
  15. GistSuperLarge ok i am not expert on these staff but just want to help remove the mod from game data folder the last version for these mode GNdriveV4.1 be sure its right version for ksp 1.1 setup lasted Firespitter and the plugin and install the mod again for me i just make a copy from ksp to test these mods before use them on my ksp game try that and tell me if its work and good luck download it from here http://spacedock.info/mod/604/GN%20Drive?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E download fresh copy