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  1. Nicely put together Broco! Posting here to add in my frustration with the stutter too. I have an uptodate machine: win10, Nvida, 3.5ghz, 16g ram and the stutter is present with mods stripped out running only 1 flight. Another thing about mods, i dont buy that its all their fault. Other games have great frameworks for modders, even if a mod is written very baddly usually only causes fps drops not memory management issues. I would very much welcome Squad give this issue some attention. We have a lot of content now and i firmly believe that shifting to quality execution / better visuals strategy would really bring in more players and money.
  2. If Squad are in no hurry to inspect garbage collection then what (if any) dirty fix can be done Frankly i'd happily take a fps hit and run GC every frame if it was an option. Tho im not sure how much of a hit that would be .. MASSIVE im thinking, just dont want to see stutter anymore. It does affect gameplay, like when certain high altitude flights require steady control.