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  1. Elements by Lindsey Stirling. Yes, I like violin dubstep. Yes, I play violin. No, I can't do that.
  2. Now that's cool! *Begins planning next vacation to Florida*
  3. This has probably been asked a million times already, but does 1.2.2 release for MJ work with 1.2, or do the two versions handle mods differently?
  4. I imagine it as a giant fleet of ships, planes, and 18-wheelers. Kinda like a carrier battle group, but for recovering rockets.
  5. So last night, I finally flew all the way around Kerbin. I managed to burn most of my fuel only halfway around the planet, and managed to get back on 500 of 5000 LF.
  6. What, you don't like not being able to bring a bottle of water on the plane? You don't like being given a pat-down because "Scouts always have knives."?
  7. I already mentioned this in a PM to @Dman979, who is probably scratching his head about what happened, so I'll clear it up for him and tell everyone else about my contraband meat stick. So last night, I came home from Canada - the Boy Scouts have two canoeing bases there, one in Atikokan, Ontario and one in Bisset, Manitoba, with a third in the US in Ely, Minnesota. I went to Atikokan and canoed around the North Crownlands for eight days. I caught two bass and a pike while fishing. My crew left on two flights: one from Thunder Bay to Toronto, and then from Toronto to Dulles Airport near DC. As we were going through customs to reenter the US, I forgot to declare the teriyaki meat stick in my carry-on the entry form, so when the customs officer asked if I had food with me, I remembered the meat stick and said, "Yes, I have a meat stick." Since I didn't declare it on the form, I got to sit for fifteen minutes while TSA (Transportation Stupidity Slowness Security Administration) ran my bags through a special scanner. When I was questioned by another officer, she asked me to show her the "contraband meat product." She looked at the wrapper, saw the "Proudly made in the USA!" sticker, and said that it wasn't a problem because the meat was made and packaged in America, imported to Canada, and then brought back still sealed. *Facepalm* There's twenty minutes my crew and I will never get back.
  8. The only experience I've had with Windows 10 is my mother's laptop, which is brand new, but runs at supercooled molasses speed. The task manager reports that the OS alone takes up most of her RAM, but it could just be a lemon.
  9. Windows 7 Reason: It came with the laptop, Windows 8 is unusable, and watching my mother use Windows 10 makes me want to stick to 7. Apparently 10 has issues that can make it almost unusable.
  10. While my favorite is the F-14, the F-22 is stealth, and you can't kill what you can't see. The Raptor can also use the AIM-120 missile and APG-70 radar. Raptor wins.
  11. It's been hot all summer, and the past week or so has been bad. 90F or over every day, and the heat lasts all day. My A/C can only cool to about 20° below the outside temperature, so it's pushing 80 in my house until 4 or 5PM.
  12. While moving my freshly downloaded and zipped copy of KSP 1.3 (yes, I know I didn't update for ages) from my Downloads folder to my C drive, Windows decided that I wanted to move my new copy of KSP into the War Thunder folder in my C drive. So after twenty minutes of frantically searching, I found the file, moved back into to C drive, and unzipped it. I still haven't run the game yet.
  13. *Insert Reddit joke here*