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  1. [Me waiting for my professor to end class so I can watch the recordings] I don't want supply and demand, I want Mars!
  2. And the snow was... meh. We got a bunch of sleet and ice. I woke up at around 8:30 yesterday and thought it was raining, but no it was just my roof getting pelted by ice. It was entertaining watching the plows try and scrape ice off the roads all day, but you really couldn't do much other than shove ice around. The roads weren't totally clear near me until the ice started melting.
  3. I took a couple quick screenshots during the first part of the press conference, IDK if anyone's posted these pictures yet. https://imgur.com/a/5NWVJsG
  4. A fellow Virginian I see! I'm currently trying to get into a four-year college myself, don't think I'd ever make it at Tech though.
  5. I took the course way back in 2015, and staffed it a few times since then. I was supposed to be an SPL for a course last summer before everything went nutso. We're trying to plan for a course this summer, who knows how it'll work out.
  6. "girls und panzer wiki" I mean do I get all the characters and their tanks? Or just full knowledge of the show? I guess I'm 50-50 here.
  7. "The syllabus is both useful as a weapon and as a source of knowledge." - A fellow NYLT course instructor
  8. A few years ago there was someone on here was looking about building a model rocket that could get to space. At one point they were discussing how to make it controllable and there were a couple ideas put forth until someone pointed out that this was essentially a small guided missile and probably very illegal. I'm fairly certain everyone in that thread is now under watch by multiple governments as likely candidates for A) recruit for making weapons systems and/or B) to make sure they don't accidentally start WWIII.
  9. Community college student going for a history degree. My main plan is teaching (probably at a high school level) but if I find anything more interesting I could have a go at that too.
  10. I don't know if you'd call it a "fast" but about a year ago I realized a lot of the stuff I was seeing on Reddit was irritating. So I made a new account and subscribed only to subreddits that have content I enjoy or that makes me happy. I made yet another one a few days ago for the same purpose, as I felt that annoying content was getting to me again. This time, nothing political-related or anything overly debate-related. Just cute things, silly things, happy things, and things related to my personal interests. Social media is an escape from the world, not a way to view it.
  11. I wouldn't want one. I'm not exactly a fan of pickups anyway, but I could see how someone would want to own it. I personally like my little Forester, though.
  12. I'm not exactly a podcast guy, but I do really enjoy the Triforce podcast. It's three of the members of the Yogscast talking about random stuff for an hour. I will caution that heavy language is normal, and adult themes are often brought up, so it is most certainly NOT for young listeners. It's easy to listen to, so I like it for driving to class every day, which can take either twenty minutes or an hour.
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