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  1. Boy Scouts of America - Compilation

    Rookie numbers. My troop sent 4 crews to Northern Tier last summer.
  2. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I didn't know there were flashlight nerds!
  3. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I shave every three days. I can't stand the look or feeling of stubble.
  4. Stephen Hawking has passed away

    He was given two years. He gave that the finger and proceeded to explore the universe with his mind. I wish him well in whatever comes next.
  5. Thread to complain bout stuff

    I have my SAT tomorrow... I'm not freaking out at all.
  6. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Story time? I took a hunter education class when I was 13, as required by my state. I knew how to act around guns already, but the class taught me how to handle them outside the range. The instructor was great and really knew what he was talking about. Biggest takeaway was responsibility. Always know where your muzzle is, what your target is, what's behind it, etc.
  7. Thread to complain bout stuff

    Sounds like a wilderness survival trip with scouts. But even as an outdoorsy guy, this sounds unproductive and a waste of time. One or two nights is fun and teaches/reinforces basic skills. You mess around in the wilderness for a day. But four? With minimal supplies? And it's required? I don't know how this clears your mind. I come back from a regular weekend trip with normal gear (food, tent, etc.) dead tired and barely able to drive, not with a cleared mind.
  8. Reasons to lock this thread.

    30: The best shape is not a cube, but a 2-dimensional square.
  9. Rephrase the scentence above. Let‘s see where we get.

    The computer is taking people apart.
  10. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    My church does "Frydays" during Lent and they make some of the best fried cod ever. Golden brown with hush puppies, fries, and coleslaw. Add a Coke and it's heaven.
  11. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    They used them like crazy here on the Chesapeake Bay to hunt hundreds of ducks at a time.
  12. Thread to complain bout stuff

    My friend once found a spider in our tent. He decided to stab it with his Ka-Bar. The knife went through the floor and into the ground. Duct tape was used.
  13. Weather Chat Megathread

    The seasons keep changing. It snowed Wednesday and then was 60F over the weekend. Now it's 57 and raining.
  14. War Thunder - Screenshots and Discussion thread!

    Schrodinger's thread.
  15. So what song is stuck in your head today?