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  1. I wouldn't want one. I'm not exactly a fan of pickups anyway, but I could see how someone would want to own it. I personally like my little Forester, though.
  2. I'm not exactly a podcast guy, but I do really enjoy the Triforce podcast. It's three of the members of the Yogscast talking about random stuff for an hour. I will caution that heavy language is normal, and adult themes are often brought up, so it is most certainly NOT for young listeners. It's easy to listen to, so I like it for driving to class every day, which can take either twenty minutes or an hour.
  3. To make it as far as we can, and to do some good to improve the world in some way before our turn ends.
  4. My car has been making a rattle noise at around 1500 RPM for a few weeks now. I think it's either a loose part in the exhaust or a heat shield somewhere. I've crawled around underneath and found nothing obvious, but I do know that the more forward parts and surfaces of the exhaust are pretty rusted up, since it was driven up in Massachusetts for several years (yay salt) before making its way down here. I think a new exhaust system is on the horizon within the next year or so. I wonder if the headers from an older EJ20 would fit on an FB25? That'd give the Fozzy some boxer rumble...
  5. I like coffee but only with a bunch of milk and sugar. The best are mochas because chocolate. The only time I drink it often though is when I'm working on camp staff. Caffeine is pretty much nessecary to function after the first week or so.
  6. For some reason most fish tastes really bad to me. It's just too overpowering I guess. I do like trout, pike, and walleye but stuff like salmon and swordfish are just bad. The really wierd part is that sushi is fine - I'll eat raw whatever all day but cook it and it's too different.
  7. That sounds awesome. We didn't have a ton of kids come by last night since everyone thought it would be raining. So now we've got two large bags of candy for three people - that'll last us a while. As for me, I spent last evening handing out candy while listening to music until it started pouring.
  8. I was a bit of a general gamer back when I was mostly playing on the original XBox, Wii, and DS (actually I had a DSi to flex on the other n00bs). Once I got into PC gaming, I played a little Skyrim but mostly Minecraft and KSP. Now I play some stuff on the XBox One (Rainbow Six, FH3, Life Is Strange, etc.), but mostly play KSP on my PC. I'm currently starting Fallout 3 and 4, and thinking about playing the original Sims. In every game I keep getting confused when the map doesn't open with "M." In short, I was a general gamer until about a year ago when I played almost nothing but KSP, bu
  9. Found a bunch of CDs in my basement I didn't know I had. I've been ripping the songs off them and putting them on my PC and phone.
  10. The Kerbal's face at the end is priceless. "What choices in my life did I make to get me here?"
  11. Whatever you call it, it's addictive. I vote that it be "The Healthiest Drug."
  12. I had an old design in my head before I even bought the game, when I was still just watching videos and stuff to check it out. It was four double-stack orange tanks with Skippers around a triple-stack orange tank core with a Mainsail. The second stage was another Skipper with a large silver tank, then above that was an LV-909 under the half-size 1.25 tank. That section had full RCS control. Did I mention all that was for a simple suborbital hop? It was still the super-soup-o-sphere back then, but it wasn't that bad.
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