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  1. MechJeb's Landing Psychopilot keeps crashing all my vessels on every planet. Freaking hate this.
  2. Yo Happy B-Day, Hope ya enjoy it.

  3. Yo, that seems to be a cool thing, especially for quick mun base install .
  4. MechJeb continues to f*ck up every second transfer to the Mun, it\'s probably forgot that Mun is rotating CCW.
  5. Maybe adding another one leg will solve your problem? P=F/s so: more S - less P
  6. I mean, why aren\'t we just translating it from French?
  7. So how are you doing with the translation? If you are too busy, I have a couple of free days to help you.
  8. On the contrary, the algorythm of Retrograding is so fussy and buggy that it is sometimes much faster to turn retrograde than wait untill it is done automatically. The 'Mun' button you talk about isn\'t enough a munbutton. I mean, this is just an easy way to calculate the orbit or just put yourself onto that orbit. Of course you had better know what is orbiting about, though. The guide made by hubbazoot is good enough, I think it\'s just perfect. And, just in case, there\'s one more PDF tutorial made by Guekko, it is now being translated somwhere. Cheerz, Shaun.
  9. It\'s a Kerbolith. ;P Mysteries and shit
  10. I\'ve got only one question: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SH!T???
  11. MAYPS! MECHJEB Ain\'t Your Personal Slave! 1) It won\'t take your ship right to the Mun, actually. There is no Mun button. 2) But there is an oldschool trick, invented by a very talented astrophysist that plays KSP. You get into a near-100km orbit (MechJeb is designed for delivering you to a perfect 100km orbit with just one button) and wait till the Mun rises, than you burn prograde*. I advice you to use map for this burn. You go to the Map view (key 'M'), unfold the navball (the tab just in the bottom of Map view) and burn prograde until the curve of your orbit touches the line of the trajectory of the Mun. Then IMMEDIATELY press X to cut off your engines. 3)The next step is landing, it\'s a bit more complicated, but I think it\'s easy with the MechJeb, that shows you your TRUE altitude over the Mun (tab 'Surface Information'). If the Mun is trying to literally kick your ass, IMMEDIATELY burn retrograde and easily kiss the surface with your landing legs. 4) ?????? 5) PROFIT!!!!!!!! Sincerely yours, Shaun.
  12. Hi Maybe you should start with using MechJeb. It will make you familiar with three steps of orbiting and so on. It\'s a long time to recognize all the nuances of advanced orbiting, but here are my three 'rules of thumb': 1) to raise your Apoapsis, warp till your Periapsis and then burn Prograde (according to RealDarko, it is a must using the navball, it will really simplify your life. I guarantee.) 2) to raise your Periapsis, warp till your Apoapsis, and then burn Prograde. 3) To lower your Apo/Peri -apsis, warp till the opposite end of the orbit and then burn Retrograde. Good luck, Shaun
  13. This one terribly reminds me about 'Pull up, pull up' *sound of le ship touching le treez* 'Kur*a!!!!'
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