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  1. I was just thinking, wouldn't be cool to have a lander a planet, like eve, and have it beam up its science to an orbital lab, where it would be processed and transmitted back to kerbin? Is there already a mod for this?
  2. nope, but next I think it will be -try to guess-
  3. Not quite! @Lo Var Lachland will be here next.
  4. Granted. You lose them and get fired from your job. Years later, as you sleep under a bridge, you reflect on misplacing them. I wish to destroy the person who will (inevitably) corrupt this wish.
  5. French horn and piano. I play French horn for school and piano because my parents force it of me.
  6. DRES. ISN'T. REAL. You actually like Ike, because that is the closest equivalent to this make-believe planet.
  7. I'm doing level four, which was "make a strange SSTO without wings!" So I did. I was having a lot of trouble posting the pictures, so sorry for the delay. This picture is of my ship, the UP (stands for Un-aerodynamic Probably-going-to-explode Ship. the S is silent. It is powered by 6 Vector engines. Liftoff! Sorry for the bad quality. I'm attempting a gravity turn, but this thing flies like a cow. There's our trajectory. Not terrible. Again, sorry for the bad quality. Orbiting burn. What would you call it? I'm sure there's a name, but I don't know it. I'll just call it the "Going into orbit burn." Woohoo! Orbit! Well, that was fun while it lasted. We'd better get home. We're coming in hot! I think we forgot the parachutes... Sadly I didn't manage to get a screenshot as we ejected. This is our brave kerbal aligning his head so that he won't die when he hits the water.... Ta-Da!