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  1. I ended up reinstalling most of my mods and KSP to fix the problem. The only problem I have now is the stowaway sat isn't working right.
  2. I apologies in advance if this was already asked/answered, but I don't get plumes when using BDB so I guess it's a mod conflict maybe? Thanks!
  3. Anyone else having the problem where the capsules and science modules not letting you add or transfer Kerbals in? Like the caps and modules are acting liking they're only for cargo or probes. The spaceplanes don't have the problem so I don't think it's a mod conflict.
  4. I just found out the hard way, going through all my mods, that this conflicts with BDB so I had to remove it For some reason it makes the antennas useless.
  5. There's a B9 failure when adding the cargo stage that force closes KSP.
  6. I just found this bad boy, anyone know if it works 1.5.1?
  7. I imagine there would be severe limits as far as parts go, but if they can make DOOM and Wolfenstein II work anything is possible.
  8. Can't wait to use this mod again once it's updated to 1.3. Thanks for your hard work!
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