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  1. Looking at Kerbin with more attention I could notice some important changes in the pre Alpha, so I made a map with some of the images There is consistency with the continental layout of the original Kerbin planet, but also ... New rivers? The deserts have changed position There are greener areas, perhaps forests?...And most importantly clouds! Have you seen other changes in kerbin?
  2. I noticed that the desert launch complex and the Woomerang launch site are a bit empty, especially the second one... Have you ever thought about adding more buildings to those sites?
  3. Aunque resulto ser un poco mas complejo de lo que esperaba… Primero que nada, Texture replacer no reconocía los archivos porque en el archivo de descarga original las texturas estaban sueltas dentro de la carpeta Heads y en formato png. Texture replacer para 1.8.x trabaja con archivos DDS ordenados de un modo particular, dentro de la carpeta Skins, está la carpeta TR y dentro de ella están todas las texturas en DDS guardadas individualmente dentro de su propia carpeta. ¿Como lo solucione? Navegué un poco por el hilo de Scart91 y encontré los archivos de texturas en formato DDS. Luego los descargué y los organicé del mismo modo que en TextureReplacer/Skins/TR, cada uno en una carpeta individual de nombre FemaleXX.f o MaleXX.m (XX es un número de carpeta diferente de los existentes). A su vez cada textura tiene un nombre Scart91MHeadXX.DDS o Scart91FHeadXX.DDS, M para las texturas masculinas y F para las femeninas, nuevamente XX es el numero de la textura. Si se las coloca individualmente cada una dentro de cada carpeta creada no funcionan, pero si se les cambia el nombre a las texturas por el genérico kerbalHead funcionan. Espero esto sea útil....y si alguien tiene una forma más eficiente de agregar texturas sería genial saberlo
  4. Hola ¿cómo están? Tengo una duda con texture replacer 4.1 para la versión 1.8.1, y es que no se exactamente como instalar el pack de texturas de Scart91's. Si alguno de ustedes tiene idea de cómo agregarlas seria genial. PD: una imagen no relacionada para el cachondeo
  5. Hi, this is what you can recover from the pre alpha footage, I hope it serves something
  6. It's photoshop! every time I was on the menu I was wondering what it would look like with restock That's just why I did it
  7. I'll leave this here ... I love this mod
  8. HAHAHA!!! You're right ... this is an old meme buried in my gallery, like this one Great, thanks for the suggestions they are very useful. Even so, I would like to know approximately where the cities that you named in your canon are located (it’s possible?) Another great suggestion, THANK YOU!, at a certain moment consider using random names, but if it is possible to give an added value to the cities it would be so much better.
  9. Sounds good! Take for granted that I will read your fanwork. Currently my crew has 7 members Erkei, Melbina, Bill (engineers), Barlfreda, Bob (scientists), Valentina and Jebediah (pilots) from left to right. Most of the maps come from the KSS "Star" I and the aerial mapping of the Fly series aircraft
  10. I like those names! Squaddon an administrative capital and Krakopolis an industrial city near the main launching complex of the planet ... It is also true that the Boomerang launch site is quite isolated from other cities on the planet, perhaps it is a relatively new site, close to a very small settlement. On the other hand, Baikerbanur, is an old and unused launch site, is relatively close to the small city 77, with which it could share a name. Nyle Island is a small base with a large antenna for the Kerbin space network as well as Crater Rim, North Station One, Harverster Massif and Mesa South. Regarding politics, a representative democracy with a prime minister sounds like a good idea... we do not want tyrannical green men
  11. Fortunately for that there are the mods! Although my computer-potato doesn’t handle very well Kerbal Konstruction and Kerbin Side ... anyway I would like to be recommended names for the "cities" that appear in the excellent lands textures courtesy of Galileo and his SVE. To fulfill the appetite for images, I made some maps and a little analysis of those lights in Kerbin's night. In my "Kanon" the population of kerbals is about 10 million distributed in 141 cities. There are 36 major cities (Red), some 24 medium-sized cities (yellow) and 81 small cities (blue). Of these 141, 90 are in the grasslands, 31 in the shores, 11 in the deserts, 8 in the badlands and 2 in the highlands. No cities are visible on islands, mountains, the tundra or in the polar regions. I also noticed the absence of cities in this area, which could be an indication of some social or environmental event in Kerbin's history. That's it, choose cities (they are numbered) and propose names if you wish. Also comment if you want to continue adding these maps, for some reason I find it entertaining to make them
  12. Tourist trip to Munar station Vehicle strongly inspired by the BFR and BFS (2017 ver.) Reaching the orbit and departing directly towards Mun A breathtaking view The Mun Hotel Docking EVA Returning to the Hotel
  13. A little service between the Minmus mining base and the orbiting fuel station
  14. If I want to use cryogenic tanks with liquid fuel... What can I do?